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ACTIONS Photoshop CS5 (11/20/10)

HDSLR The Billion Things...

HDSLR Nikon D90

DSLR Nikon D300/300s

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DSLR Nikon D200

DSLR Nikon D80

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Q1: Where are all these iNovaFX Actions?

General Info 1
General Info 2

iLiner and iRustica
Examples A

Something Fisheye A
Examples B

Something Else Fisheye

Major Hollywood FX

Edgy Stuff

Software Polarizer Filter

Color DeNoise Action

Film Border Effect

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Killer App Editorial

Digital Dimroom editorial

iNovaFX 3.0 Filter Notes

Fast White Balance Correction

3D Shooting and Viewing

Pocket Tele

Super Secret Wireless Flash Transmitter

Dynamic Range Enhancement (2001)

Dynamic Range Enhancement 2007

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