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Nikon D200 meets LA Auto Show 01 06 06




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AUTO SHOWS. So predictable. Porsche shows up with -- um, let me gaze into my crystal ball and see what they're going to do this year -- outer space theme? Nope. Engineering excellence? Nope. The Design Process? Nope. Why should this year be any different from last year and the year before that and the year before that and the year before that and the year before that and the year before that and the year before that... PORSCHE: A HISTORICAL RETROSPECTIVE.

Fortunately, they're near the entrance and we breeze through quickly. Now for the main event.

Always something to see. And the cars are interesting, too.

Feel The Power. No kidding, just reach in and feel that power. Powerful feeling, eh? Now that's not Power for the Road Behind. This is a brand new KIND of power we got here.

Suddenly, it's 1937! The world of tomorrow is upon us. And wait until you see the travel trailer that streams behind this baby.

May I please have one of these? I promise I'll clean the grill with a toothbrush every day...

The Poster Child for automotive design gone tragically wrong. If it can happen to them, it means anything in the world can fall down and break. Oh, the humanity.

At least there are pockets of good taste.

The bigger the headline, the truer the factoid.

I don't care how large your foot is. I said stop!

I just realized--that little sprite is mooning the driver--and the passengers!

Suddenly I am growing tired.

What a show.


All shots Nikon D200, ISO 800. Nikkor 18-70mm DX. Various settings.

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