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Chromatic Aberration? Pfft!

Cromatic aberration shows as the color fringing in this slice from a 100% scale image shot with a WC-E24 wide angle converter

Darn it! That shot you wanted to enlarge has some chromatic aberration in it. Tiny details in the corners seem to be fringed with rainbow-itis.

Chromatic aberration spreads from the center of the image outward toward the edges. It's as if the red layer were slightly larger than the green and the blue layer...
hey, wait a minute!

You mean to say that if you had a filter that took the picture apart, resized the red and/or blue layers in the right way, then glued the whole thing back together again--


Oh, yes. And a string of variations on this idea will save you all that trial and error it would take to finesse your shot and do the operations manually.

One mouse click and before you can whistle "Blowin' in the Wind" the shot is the way you always wanted it to be.

The example on the left is a 100% size slice from the corner of a shot made with the Nikon 990.

Before: the image on top.

After: the image on the bottom.

Oh, yes, indeed.

A few seconds later the fringing has been reduced dramatically. Bye, bye, chromatic aberration. The iCrAb990WC24 filter rules!

As you can see, the filters work extremely well. They won't prevent the flare of the overexposed elements from bleeding into adjacent pixels. (That's a halation phenomenon associated with flare and only comes with extreme contrast far above the normal dynamic range of picture making.) But the overall effect of these iNovaFX Photoshop Action Filters is a vast improvement. Special versions exist for different zoom and conversion lens combinations. But check the Breaking News page for even more interesting items.

They're all included on the CD that is part of
Mastering Nikon Compact Digital Cameras.

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