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Twenty five ways to shoot a picture and only five of them are right!

With seven white balances to choose from, even the most experienced photographer can make a mistake. Let's consider the photographer who was shooting indoors by incandescent light last night but who has forgotten to tell the camera the next day that he's shooting in the sun. (Based on a real story from a really experienced photographer who is NOT me, I swear.)

He doesn't notice that the monitor screen has a little symbol of a light bulb warning him and all of his shots come out looking like they were shot on the wrong film.

If it really were film, he'd be sunk. But it isn't film and he remembers something about this problem that he read in that Nikon Compact Digital Camera eBook.

Sure enough, in Chapter 9 he finds a reference to the color correction tool he needs. The CD has just the right iNovaFX tool to fix his images.

He opens the image in Photoshop and invokes the INCAN SHOT SUNNY filter and a few seconds later the image that was almost completely blue is now brilliant reds, greens, grays, blues, yellows, purples and whites. The subtle colors that were masked by the incorrect exposure are at least 96.2% as good as new! 



 This is what it was supposed to look like

 This is what the camera recorded...
...and this is what the middle image became with the right iNovaFX Photoshop filter.

For the earliest Nikons, twenty of these filters cover every possible mistake you could accidentally make. If you shot with Flash, Cloudy, Fluorescent, Incandescent or Sunny and got it wrong, one of these iNovaFX filters will make it right. The title of each filter tells you how to fix the image by describing the error. Select your mistake and click it away.

The example above is an extreme mistake, and look how well it came out. iNovaFX filters custom computed to the Nikon 950 / 990 / 995 / 775 / 5000 / 4500 /5700 / 5400 are only available on the CD-ROM that comes with Mastering Nikon Compact Digital Cameras eBook V 6.0.

The iNovaFX Photoshop Actions that formulated to work on Sony DSC-F707/717 cameras are available on the Sony eBook.

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