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The Fix is IN!  The Barrel is rolled OUT!

Extreme barrel distortion. And why not? It's a fisheye shot made at full telephoto zoom. At this scale it's hard to see the bit of chromatic aberration here. Look hard at the contrast edge of the right tree.

If you just shot a picture that needs its barrel distortion fixed, you are in luck. You could be making images for stitching together in a panorama or just shooting a critical architectural image to lay on the boss's desk tomorrow but if you made the shot with the zoom lens in wide angle, or you have used Nikons superb WC-E24 and WC-E63 wide angle converters, you may have noticed a bit of barrel distortion.

Barrel distortion creates images that look like they ate too much. Straight lines near the borders tend to curve outward. It's extremely difficult to fix in film and a snap to fix on your computer. Thanks to iNovaFX, special filters do this that are a match to your Nikon zoom and wide angle lenses. Now panoramic segments can be shot with the wide angle converters and, after being zapped by the iNovaFX filter, straight lines at the edge are pixel-perfect straight. Stitching images can now proceed as if nothing had ever been amiss.

It isn't noticeable in most images from nature. Except for the horizon, nature rarely shows a straight line. But when people build things, straight lines are everywhere. So we fix them in photographs where we want things to look just right.

The iNovaFX Barrel Distortion Filters load into Photoshop and are instantly applied to any full frame horizontal image. Choose the filter variation that most closely matches your shooting situation and -VOILA! Perfect geometry. The image is ready for precision panoramic stitching.

It's so good, so fast and so easy to do you'll wonder what the fuss was all about. Barrel distortion phobia will be a thing of the past.

One extreme variation (pictured) even fixes a shot made with THE FISHEYE LENS !!!   Aieeeeee!*

--Providing you shot the image with the zoom at its most telephoto setting. That particular variation also fixes a bit of residual chromatic aberration that appears at these extremes as well. Suddenly your "special effect only" fisheye converter has become a more useful lens all around.

Could this be the same image? How many times could that fountain assume the same pose? Note that the chromatic aberration is gone, too. Rather hard to see that small detail at this scale, but it has been improved quite a bit.

*Straightening a fisheye shot is a little (!) intense. But as you can see, the filters work extremely well.

They're all included on the CD that is integrated with
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Also, custom versions of these iBC iNovaFX Photoshop Actions are in the Sony eBook.

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