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(Actions Photoshop CS5 eBook process for time-lapse movies:)

"Dude, wow. The iFlickerFixer action worked amazingly well! I have tried every single deflicker program/plugin on the market to fix these clips. GBDeflicker, FurnaceCore, GenArts Sapphire, VirtualDub, you name it, I've tried it to no avail.

"I am just dumbfounded at how well your Action worked. Sheesh. You should advertise this as it's own product. It's just amazing. Thank you SO much!"
--Brian Garcia

Recent Actions eBook owner reviews:

"I had no idea what a fantastic deal I was getting with this eBook. Far exceeds my highest expectations."
--James Gordon

"The beauty of the book is that as one scrolls through the pages using Adobe Acrobat Reader, the photographs come alive and everything is interactive."
--John Rettle, Rangefinder Magazine

[HDSLR] "I am currently a stills nature photographer , and I have been pondering adding HD video to my repertoire. It has always seemed a bewildering medium to me as it is similar, and yet completely different than stills photography. I am barely into the book, and it has already exceeded my expectations!"
--Scott Fairbairn

"I enjoy Peter's upbeat style of writing, hard to stop reading once you start. The book is loaded with wisdom, examples, experiments, and software. No, it doesn't cover everything you could think of, it covers more than you could think of. It should keep you busy for many many months. Excellent value for the money."
--Warren Flarity

Open 8 shots in sequential order. Press a key and make a few choices. You could get this:

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Your HDSLR can do this in 15 seconds plus a few mouse clicks.

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iPad / iPad 2 / New iPad Note:

Previous eBooks (before 2010) will load into iPads, but were never optimized for them, so you can't see the interactive images.

Who knew?

So we fixed it. And then some.

Our ACTIONS! Photoshop CS5 eBook is a complete revision/expansion of our previous ACTIONS eBook and is completely friendly to both your computer screen and all the Apple iPads, using Apple's iBook utility.

Images may be viewed up to 600% on the iPads' screens with a few taps and/or finger spreads. On your computer, enlarging them is a breeze.

The 700+ included Actions are for Photoshop CS5 and all of them have been tested, de-bugged, revised and/or rewritten for this new version of Photoshop.

Tests with Photoshop CS6 Extended have found no "issues."

In addition, for the first time, a whole new section of the eBook shows how to create movie and still images that employ the movie mode of your HDSLR camera.

You may have to clean your jaw off the floor.

Or at least put your socks back on.

Here's a still shot from a past library that has found a new life:

What unexpected opportunities are in your library of images?

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