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The Flash Drive Version is sold out. Only the CD version is still available.

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It's $10 less expensive at list price of $49.95 and

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Portable imaging titan.

Monstrously capable. Ergonomically prescient.

Technically advanced. Deep. Complex. Fulfilling.

Mysterious no longer.

Peeled open one enigma at a time.*

You and I spent a bundle on this powerhouse,
now it's time to get at all of its secrets—
even its new SB-900 Super Speedlight.

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January, 2009-January 1, 2010:
Woah! There's a sale on!
You can get the whole set for 20% off!
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2 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive!

Three volume set on CD!

Many images are interactive.

Hyperlinks expand the eBook all over the World Wide Web.

The Camera Operations Chapter alone is 400+ pages!

Three volumes including RAW Materials by Uwe Steinmueller.
Incorporating all of the
Lights...Digital Camera...ACTIONS! eBook
and its ready-to-use software (Big Photoshop CS/2/3/4),
to seriously expand your visual vocabulary.

Available only on CD a fast 2GB USB thumb drive.

NOW it is shipping.

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please contact the publisher directly:


Why eBook? Here's some help via Wikipedia.

*The Camera Operations chapter contains literally hundreds of what we call "InfoBites"
marked with a special eye-catching purple icon. These suggest special interest items,
things you need to park on the back-burner, tips that will save your fanny, things
you will be glad you encountered and techniques that the manual completely forgot.

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