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May 22, 2002, Burbank, CA

May Maze!

Nikon is pregnant again! They seem to be on the verge of triplets. Oooo! Such rumors. The gist of it is that they will announce IN ONE WEEK something so incredibly significant that we all should --as the British Sergeant says-- "Wait for it!"

While some are worried that whatever is being announced will suddenly render their 995 or 5000 totally obsolete, we hasten to remind readers that Nikon typically ANNOUNCES a camera significantly before introducing it in quantity. Three months ahead of delivery is not uncommon.

Should you "Wait for IT?" That may depend on whether or not you would miss a whole summer's worth of images and how important that "IT" would be to you. Perhaps waiting for May 29 is prudent...

Visit the Nikon site for more info.

April 25, 2002, Hollywood


Is that a Nikon in my pocket or am I just glad to see you? The new 2-megapixel CP2500 is a refreshing breath of cool air. All the image quality of the 775 in a twist-o-flex format that goes where you go and brings some of it back home.

The very ergonomic 2500 brings a lot of functionality, exposure options, zoom range and exclusive features into your hands--or around your neck. Check out our user-oriented review here.

April 21, 2002, LA

Festival Redux!

It's that time again. The LA Times / UCLA two-day Festival of Books is coming around once again. April 27/28, 2002, 10AM to 6-ish. If you are in the LA area, check it out. Drop by booth 162 and say hello. We had a lot of fun last year signing eBooks, beeping pictures, introducing people to digital photography, making print-outs and modifying festival signs (above). There are plenty of authors to meet, shoulders to rub and munchies to chomp. More Info.

April 18, 2002, Burbank CA


Nikon View, Version V.

These are good days for Apple's OSX. No sooner did Adobe introduce PS7, which included native OSX code, and what do you know--Nikon introduced Nikon View V (5) which also works inside OSX. Other Roman Numerals we want to see on upcoming software include M, L, C, D and lots of I's.

Nikon View 5.01 has been reviewed as better than prior versions and it serves all the Coolpix cameras from the 880 onward, including the D1s. Available in Windows and Mac formats. Download it today. It's only a 17 or 18 megabyte file.

Nikon's Download site.

(Mac OSX users: take note.)

April 17, 2002, All over

Photoshop 7 Arrives!

And not a moment too soon. Or too late.

Get it today from your local dealer or direct from Adobe. If you have a prior version, the Upgrade is only $149. Little else in the world of digital images is as valuable for the price.

If you have Photoshop Elements, the upgrade is $499. And you might have scored that program for as little as $70 or so, making the jump to full Photoshop around $130 discounted. Everything you learned with Photoshop Elements will help you use the full program.

Is it worth it? Yes, it is. If you want the best--the tool that is as cool as your best digital images.

Photoshop 7 is, once again, the most highly evolved, speediest, most accurate, widely talented, professional photo manipulation tool available. This new version brings new functions and capabilities to your lap (top). It takes all the prior Actions from versions 5 and 6, and adds new functions that will doubtless become part of the iNovaFX series.

Now available for Windows, Mac OS 9 and Mac OSX.

We will continue to support PS6 for at least six months with all new developments, but if you ever needed a good reason to upgrade or grow--this is it! More from Adobe.

We will feature some hot new tricks, techniques and InfoBites here, soon.

April 15, 2002, Glendale CA

A Cooler Fix!

In the US, it's tax day and we could use a bit of good news about now, so here it comes:

A lot of CP5K owners have been able to find the WC-E68 wide converter, but who among us can say they've ever seen a camera store with the required mounting bracket, the UR-E5?? Not moi, and I've been hunting hard.

Never fear the Coolfix adapter is here. It not only will mount your lens, but it will improve the performance of other optics by allowing and facilitating critical adjustments.

And it's available NOW. Click to learn more.March 12, 2002, Burbank CA

Italy Photo Tour!

Off to Italy with 2, 3 and 5 megapixel travel cameras from Nikon and Sony. Back in time for my favorite holiday, April 1. The Version 4 eBooks are in production. When anxious, call Graphics Management (310) 475 2988. They're handling it all.

March 8, 2002, Burbank CA

Where's My Upgrade?

Where IS Version 4.0? Done. The CP5000 chapter was tougher than my ability to estimate, and so is the camera.

With its increased resolution and bigger files everything about it is bigger and bolder. And the camera is SMALL! Not a heck of a lot larger than the miniature 775.

Hmm. What would the caption on this picture be? But I digress...

Quantities of them go out over the weekend (March 10-ish anyone?)

March 8, 2002, Burbank CA, Stat Dept.

We Got a Million of Ya!

While visiting with my Internet Service Provider, he casually informed me that this site had passed the million hit mark. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, some of the details came out (lifted from the stat pages).

This page, as of today, has had 1,043,393 requests in the last five months. (October 14, 2001 until yesterday.)

The router reports that 467,390 unique people showed up in that same time period. Thank you, repeat visitors!

Our Nikon Coolpix 5000 review has had 238,153 hits since it appeared in late December, 2001. I've been there many times myself, changing things, so call it an even 238,000...

The ISO DeNoise filter page which started in November, 2001, has been especially well received with 97,328 hits to see what all the ruckus was about. It contains our most popular free download.

People all over the world are asking for about 31,000 pages here every day, currently and saying several minutes per visit.

Hey, thanks, everybody. I knew the site was a-building, but geez! This little non-commercial site seems to be something of a success. Maybe I need a PR person? Maybe I should run ads? Call my agent...

February 26, 2002, PMA/DIMA

Foveon Ovasheon!

No doubt of it. Foveon is the hottest new item at the PMA/DIMA and has spearheaded turning the corner for digital photography into its Next New Era.

We tried to put more metaphors into that sentence, but alas... Odd, isn't it, that the last Next New Era lasted only about five years. But I digress.

Foveon was presented with DIMA's "Most Innovative Digital Product" award and nobody was surprised to see them win it. Pretty obvious, that. People speculated about second or third, though. There is more about Foveon below.

This --and let's make no mistake about it-- killer, revolutionary, page-turning, remarkable, clever, solid, major, whelming and overwhelming new technology is worth every accolade it has--and will--garner. Did I mention that it is historic?

And besides, the give-away pen they passed out at the press conference was a "best of show" all by itself. Phil Askey hooked it up to extra batteries and burnt a hole in the ceiling. Kidding.

Other notable runners-up include the Nikon D100 and Photoshop 7.0.

(Foveon's Eric Zarakov accepts the award. Image courtesy of DPReview. Click on the image for DPReview's article.)

February 26, 2002, PMA via 31,000 ft. over Texas

New Nikon SLR Hits That Magic Price and Feature set!

The next hot item from Nikon is better than most people thought it would be. Better in features, better in pixel count and better in price.

The coming D-100 Digital SLR grabs 6.1 megapixels of Nikon SLR quality image without running off with your credit card. Your credit card may vary, but in a world of $4,000 to $7,000 for a camera body, this one can leave the full-price camera store for well under $3,000 with a lens.

Okay, it's not a big zoom lens, but for REAL photographers like Steve McCurry (who uses an F100 all over the world for National Geographic. His signed Afghan Girl giant print from Kodak is now on my office wall, but that's another story), fixed lenses are their favorites nearly all the time.

DPReview has a nice preview look at it.
D100 image by Peter iNova with his trusty CP5K + WC-E68.

February 21, 2002, PMA

New Baby Nikon Compact 2500!

Let's twist again. Sort of like we did last summer. Nikon debuts a new replacement for the 775. The Coolpix 2500. A cell-phone size twistie cam that is targeted at the popular consumer market. Good points: 2 megapixels, 3:1 zoom. No cap needed. 12 scene modes including the "Museum" non-flash for the popular Museum crowd.

Steve's Digicams has a nice preview look at it.

February 21, 2002, Glendale, California.

Psst! Check it out...

You neeeeeeed this. If you shoot with a CP5K, you don't want to miss this page... Click here.

February 13, 2002, Burbank, California.

Digital Photography's Big Bang!

The other shoe has dropped! Foveon has introduced an image sensor chip technology that is nothing less than the beginning of a whole new era in electronic imaging.

It's a chip that reads a pixel structure like previous digital image gathering sensors, except for one important thing: No color filter rides on top of each sensor.

Each sensor is actually three sensors layered on top of each other. They read blue (the top one) green (middle) and red (bottom). How does each layer know? It's the thickness of the relatively clear silicon material of the color sensor that interacts with the thickness of the photon, so to speak. The thinnest one is on top, the thickest on the bottom. Blue photons are smaller (thinner so to speak).

All photons are one pure color each (there are no black and white photons) because they each are one wave of one wavelength. By making the sensor interact with the very wavelength of light itself, the Foveon Chip reads all colors at each pixel. And the images are stunning.
More here:
Bang! Pow! Boom! Boing! Wham!

January 26, 2002, Glendale, California.

Coolpix 5000 Chapter Coming!

The Coolpix 5000 eBook Chapter is coming. It will be the largest new addition to the Nikon eBook's Version 4.0 which will appear in February.

We don't know the exact DAY in February that the V 4.0 will show up, but just so that doesn't stop you, here are the good news items that will make your day:

  • All purchasers from today (January 26, 2002) forward will receive an update CD when the V 4.0 CDs are ready. Buying now won't slow you up. We will send you the current V 3.0 eBook and follow up with a fresh V 4.0 CD in a few weeks.
  • All purchasers from January 1, 2002 can acquire a free email version simply by asking me for it along with the serial number and purchase details of your recently bought eBook. (slightly lower resolution, but email-able in the same way that the update 995 chapter was emailed to people who ordered the eBook from May 1 onward)
  • All previous owners of the eBook can upgrade for $10 + $2 Postage ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. In February, the Upgrade Order Page will start showing V4.0's disk.

Included will be a number of new iNovaFX Photoshop Action Filters including the complete set of iDeNoiseHiISO variants (more than you can get here for free) plus the extremely useful iShadowLift series outlined here. For the CP5K a special set of correction/perfection iNovaFX Filters will de-barrel (camera and camera plus WC-E68) wide shots, attack chromatic aberrations and finesse your 5-megapixel images into some of the previous frame effects.

Note: The email version does not include the new iNovaFX Filters, only the upgrade disk has those.

January 4, 2002, Burbank, California.

Final De-Noise Filter Free! The ISO-reducing/color de-noising iNovaFX Photoshop Action Filter is now available for free. It's better than the Beta version released in November and it's the January 2002 iNovaFX Action Filter Of The Month!

Thanks to all the Beta testers who made useful suggestions. Click the logo for details and download.

Happy New Year.

December 26, 2001, Burbank, California.

Coolpix 5000 Firmware 1.6 Update software now available for Windows. And with a little work-around, also for Macintosh. Read all about it here.

December 13, 2001, Glendale, California.
Coolpix 5000 Review Here! ONGOING...12-16-01

The Coolpix 5000 is in the hand. One of the most important Nikon digital cameras ever, this one marks the beginning of the end for 35mm film.

With images 2560 pixels wide, and 25% more numerous, that are better--per pixel--than the previous generations of Coolpix digital cameras, the jump in image quality has to be experienced to be understood.

Where the 950 made nice 8X10s, the 5000 makes nice posters.

Click on the image to read why these, and other outrageous statements, make sense.

Don't miss the news on this camera, updated daily. Did somebody say RECALL??

November 24, 2001, Glendale, California.
More 3.0+ iNovaFX Filter Help

Fix the iCanvasPainting filters for PS6 while learning Photoshop Action lore at the same time. Click on the InfoBite icon.

November 20, 2001, Glendale, California.
Noises Off!
Shooting at high ISO?

What if your high ISO shots--the ones at ISO 400 and 800--could look like they were shot a stop lower in ISO? Now they can.

Sometimes processing outside the camera is better for the picture than processing inside the camera. Recent studies at iNovaFXLab have produced new discoveries of Color DeNoise and Tonal DeNoise. Here is a Beta iNovaFX Photoshop Action Filter for all to test. Free. Happy Thanksgiving.

November 4, 2001, Glendale, California.
Run out of power did we?

The 995, 885, 775 and new CP5000 use a 7.4V battery. The external power socket says 8.4V.
What if you showed it 9V?

This is for emergencies only. Why? Because as a power source, it's far from great. But it appears to work for a few shots. Sometimes a hundred or more. Especially for times without other power. Click to find out more.

November 4, 2001, Glendale, California.
Image Inventory!
How many images did you say?

I have been guilty of estimation. While it is easy to see how many pages there are in the Version 3.0 eBook, the number of images, illustrations, diagrams and iNovaFX filters had to be counted by hand, so to speak. I had estimated 700+ images and 320+ iNovaFX filters. Now for the reality:

OVER 950 IMAGES! OVER 350 iNovaFX Photoshop Action Filters.
Egad. Suddenly I feel exhausted.

October 24, 2001, Glendale, California.
Current eBook owners can upgrade to Version 3.0 for $10US (plus $2 Postage and Handling).
The Version 3.0 CD Upgrade requires you to send your original CD's serial number, found on the central rim.

The eBook is software and that lets us sell you the upgrade for an upgrade price. In this case, only 20% of the price of a new eBook. Or, think of it as an 80% savings!

Version 3.0 has 325 pages and over 950 images, illustrations, diagrams and tables. Plus a bunch of new iNovaFX Photoshop Action Filters. (Total 350+ at last count)

Click on the CD to jump to the Secure Upgrade Order Page.

October 15, 2001, Los Angeles, California.
Version 3.0 Filter Help!
New iNovaFX filters breed new InfoBites.
Here are some now!
You got the Version 3.0 CD and inside you found that Chapter 9 had grown two more pages of iNovaFX Photoshop Action Filters. Clues were provided, but a bit more data would be appreciated...

Now their secrets can be revealed.

Click on the Big InfoBite icon for some tips on how some of the new filters can do more for your pictures.

October 15, 2001, Los Angeles, California.
Version 3.0 is off to B&H!
Huge inventory of eBook V.3.0 is scarffed up by B&H Photo-Video-Pro Audio of New York City!
Are these guys on the ball or what? Mere hours after Version 3.0's availability, B&H calls and inhales half of the available stock!!!!

Here's a store that knows how to keep its Nikon Coolpix customers happy!

Click on the logo to go to their web site. On the B&H search system, enter "GBCDMNCDC" to find it among "All New Products".

October 15, 2001, Los Angeles, California.
Version 3.0 is delivering now!
The first several hundred copies are in the mail!
325 pages. Over 950 images. Over 350 iNovaFX Photoshop Action Filters.
Okay, so it took longer than I thought. But all waiting is over.

October 5, 2001, Los Angeles, California.

Version 3.0!
The eBook doubles its camera coverage. Two completely new added Chapters cover the Coolpix 995 and 775!

If you never got an eBook, now's the time. Version 3.0 is in final preparation and will start shipping next week.

If you bought your copy on May 1, 2001 or later, a special PDF version of the new Coolpix 995 chapter is yours, free!

Check the detail page for the latest.

September 18, 2001, Glendale California.
Coolpix 5K!
When is Nikon going to introduce a higher-megapixel camera?
How about NOW?

So... This is it, eh? Nikon's idea of a super resolution, super tech camera. The specs are there: 2560 x 1920 image and a new feature that supplies killer, pixel-perfect images from SXGA on down.

Click the pic for details. The Detail Page contains 3 articles.

September 17, 2001, the World.

Images from the world.
Click on image

Also see the Washington Post galleries of world response.

September 11-15, 2001, USA.

This week has brought sorrow, grief and terror to our doorstep in a consumate act of hatred.
Only to awaken a new spirit in humanity.
Today, we are all New Yorkers.

One can rise above hatred.
But one cannot rise above love.

September 9, 2001, Glendale California.
I want a telescope mount. I want a microscope mount.

Here it is. Finally. A mount that connects a 900/950/990/995 and other 28mm screw thread Nikons to both telescope and microscope eyepieces.

Click the pic for details.

Or see their site.

July 8, 2001, Glendale California.

Replacement Filters!
PS 5.5 Needs these replacement iNovaFX Photoshop Action Filters for eBook V.2.0g!

The iNovaFX filters shipping with eBook Version 2.0g (easy to spot on the CD label) won't work with PS5.5! So here are the filters that WILL work with Photoshop 5.5.

This is for eBook owners only.

June 30, 2001, Glendale California.June 30, 2001, Glendale California.

Personal Review!
With a full-production camera in hand, iNova digs deep.

How good is it?
Is it right for you?
What did they do right?
And what did they do less than right?

Click on the camera image for the updated Review and comments.

June 16, 2001, Los Angeles California.

775:Fist Look!
Bet you thought that should read, "First Look," eh? Read on...

Nikon showed a fully functional Coolpix 775 at the Photo+ Expo in Los Angeles this week.

Your editor got his hands on it for a while and had to be pried loose from its diminutive frame. Click on the picture for a First Look impression of this tight little digicam...

June 12, 2001, Glendale California.

Lens Converter Test!
Tobler Scoops Everybody!

Robert F. Tobler has put together the DEFINITIVE test of just about every high-quality lens converter you could ever wish to use with your Nikon 990. The current Nikon Fisheye, Wide (WC-E63) and TC-E2 2X Tele converters are represented plus the TC-E2 combined with the Olympus TCON-14B (total 2.9X) and Olympus B-300 combo (total 3.4X).

Along the way Robert tried something I never thought to do: He shot a regular scene with the lens parked in the Fisheye 1 position but without the fisheye converter in place. Like magic, the 8.2mm lens became a fixed 7.7mm lens! Not a whole lot wider, but remember; you can't be too rich, too thin, have too much memory or have a lens that goes too wide.

Now that "38mm equivalent" lens is a 35.6mm equivalent. Every little bit helps, and 7% more wide angle is a welcome option. Thank you Robert, you have taught us all...

Run your mouse over the image to see the extra width from the Fisheye 1 setting and click on the image to go to his site for the whole story.

June 3, 2001, Glendale California.

995:Worth the wait!
What a camera!

Recent hands-on sessions with an early production model has led me to produce a new preliminary report and purchase recommendation.

It is added to the first announcement page seen here on April 25. Click on the camera image and scroll to the bottom of the announcement page for details.

Hold on, it's coming... Hold on, it's almost here...

June 1, 2001, Glendale California.
Adobe Acrobat is Missing!

I hate it when I make a mistake. But there it is. Some of the eBooks claim to have Adobe Acrobat 5.0 inside but only 4.05 is there. Not to worry, you can download the new 5.0 right here.

There was a delay in getting our hands on the Mac and Windows versions--but tell that to the labels! If your's doesn't have both 4.05 and 5.0 on it--no worries. The eBook works very well in either version.

Collect the new eBook Reader 2.1 from Adobe while you are over there. It gives a new perspective.

May 26, 2001, Glendale California.
Precise B&W Film Emulation!

Changing a color image to black and white is NOT just a matter of draining the color out. B&W films behave with their own tonal scale and spectral response.

Silver OxideFilters for Mac and Windows!
SilverOxide is a Photoshop Plug-In filter creator specializing in filters that emulate a wide range of B&W films from your digital images.

Now you can try out their product on your computer with any editing program that takes Photoshop Plug-Ins.

These new, enhanced filters have special features that make them extra-useful. Like the effect of a color filter over the lens that changes spectral response, plus brightness and gamma settings all interactively connected to your image before you commit to the effect.

The above image shows the original color, Tri-X filter in default settings and the effect of a severe Red (25A) filter on the right combined with custom brightness and gamma adjustments. The geisha's bright red dress (same color as the middle figure's sash) is dramatically lightened yet her skin tones are more subdued.

May 20, 2001, Glendale California.
New eBook Reader!
Part 2.1
The Acrobat 5.0 reader from Adobe is now being included on the eBook. But Adobe has another eBook Reader available that can be used to read PDF files.

And since the "Mastering Nikon™ Compact Digital Cameras" ebook is a PDF document, you may wish to try this new program.

It was mentioned earlier when an advanced Beta version was downloadable from Adobe, but now the real deal is available for free. It has some clever features you may wish to use, and some hidden ones that could confuse.

Let's set that straight right now. If you download and use Adobe eBook Reader 2.1, one of the first things you need to know is the way you shove a page around the screen using the "hand" icon. Hold the CTRL key down (Mac) or the ALT key (Windows) while you click-hold the mouse. Now you can slide an enlarged page around the window.

Now the hand appears. The rest of the controls are very intuitive. Have fun! (Note: Not yet compatible with OSX)

May 16, 2001, Burbank California.
Polarized yet?
Of course everybody wants to get one of those delicious polarizing filters--you know, the ones that make those blue skies dramatically darker.

But a good one will cost you about $30 in the convenient 28mm Nikon Coolpix mount.

What if you could DOWNLOAD a polarizing filter for your digital images?

Believe it or not, today's the day you CAN.

Hop on over to the new Polarizer Page and check out the iNovaFX Instant Polarizer for all your digital shots that could use it. Seven strengths of effect that work inside of Photoshop 6.0x only.

One side of the above shot is made with a polarizing filter--the physical kind. The other is made from a non-polarized shot. The one made in software was made from the one in the middle. Click the image to find out which is which. Compare the original to the results!

Then use it on your shots. Free to anybody who drops by.

May 5, 2001, Glendale California.
Acrobat 5.0! eBook Reader for Free!
An eBook needs to run on your computer, of course, and your CD probably came with Adobe Acrobat™ Reader 4.0x, ready to load into your computer and give you full-color pages, thumbnails for easy navigation and a list of bookmarks on each page that let you jump around to anywhere in the eBook fast.

Now Adobe has released the free upgrade to Acrobat for your Windows and Macintosh computers. It just started to be shipped on the CD along with everything else, but you can download it and use it immediately for no cost even if your eBook was printed last month.

Jump over to Adobe's download pages and within moments (longer moments if your Internet access is via 56k modem) you can be using the latest and greatest eBook reading program. Enjoy!

May 2, 2001, Glendale California.
The Dimroom
Just Got Brighter!
You know I follow the introduction of Mac computers more closely than the intro of Windows/Linux computers, but sometimes that leads to greater news power and usefulness for those mainly interested in the digital camera revolution.

Now a major new tool is available for digital photographers that will re-tip the balance of power, usefulness, friendliness and travel-ability.

Apple has brought out a new iBook. An iBook for your eBook? Perhaps. It's a completely redesigned very capable version of the iBook concept redrawn along the lines of the Titanium PowerBook reviewed earlier.

A 4.9 pound, fully-capable portable digital dimroom starting at $1299.00. Available now. Want CDR/CDRW/DVD inside? A 20-gig internal storage for your digi-shots? You can have tho$e too.

April 30, 2001, Glendale California.

We had fun. This time at the LA Times/UCLA Festival of Books. Or, as the image would seem to predict...

It was good to meet the people who arrived at our booth while eBooks were signed and stories were swapped. See you next year when they do it all over again.

April 25, 2001, Glendale California.

Nikon shrinks and expands the Coolpix 990! With a smaller, thicker body and a new 4:1 zoom lens, the Coolpix 995 joins the Nikon line with a bouncing new addition.

New battery (charger included), 1 GB Micro-Drive capable, 8-32mm (38-152mm equivalent) f/2.6 to f/5.1 zoom lens, 7000+ position autofocus and a pop-top flash unit that sees over converter lenses while curing red-eye... the new feature list is huge. ISO 800, shutter speeds over 1/2000, 3fps capture, white balance bracketing...

The attractively priced 995 ($899 in stores everywhere in June) comes at a time in which supplies of the 990 are drying up all over the world. It wouldn't be right to not be able to get your hands on Time magazine's "Machine of the Year" in some form or other. And the form and function of this bright digital camera deliver the image quality and myriad features one expects from Nikon.

But that isn't all. Click on the camera and find out about the all-new Coolpix 775 as well.

Read the reviews at Steve's Digicams and Imaging Resource.
(Thanks to Steve at for the image.)

April 17, 2001, Glendale California.

Snappy Judgment!
Time... The Final Frontier. Especially if you are trying to make a time-lapse shot by counting off 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... Push.

...Repeat until you fall asleep...

Or... you could check out the brand new DigiSnap 2000, successor to the DigiSnap 1000 from last year. It's a remote, it's a zoom control, it's a time-lapse intervalometer...

This mild-mannered gizmo is the best of breed. See it here.

April 16, 2001, Glendale California.

Four new articles join the Learning pages of DPReview (the world's most popular digital camera web site). Why is that news here? Your eBook author wrote them.

Check them out and while you're there, gain the knowledge from all the other articles, too.

Movies 101: Still Animation
Night Spots: Noisy Long Exposures
Color Correction at Hyper Speed
Fake! Special Effects?

April 12, 2001, Glendale California.
Flash Contest
Winners Are Here!
What a great contest! What wonderful images you people have shown me!

What a hard time it was cutting through the hundreds of entries to the short list. Kudos to the 15 VHMs (Very Honorable Mentions) and 5 Prize Winners.

Now see what all that beeping and flashing was about. Click on the ? to go to the Gallery of Fame and see the winning entries.

And congratulations to all who entered. You are in good company.

April 1, 2001, Glendale California.

iNova Image Selected For New Japanese Stamp!

Kidding. See date.

But while we are at it, how about a new Photoshop border for your 3 megapixel images that makes it INTO a stamp-like image. Not kidding. See image at right.

Just bring your image into Photoshop and run one of these Brand New iNovaFX Filters and out pops your image against any background color you choose. (I chose the gray used on these pages.) And this one's a free-for-all. Anybody can download the iStamp3Mp file and use it in Photoshop 6.0 (or 6.01) or the iStampBorder5-6 version for Photoshop 5 and/or 6.

March 15, 2001, Glendale California.

Photography Just Got a Little Flashier!

Key Word: Contest!

For the next three weeks, it's a photography contest with a twist: Images in this contest can be of any subject but one thing must be part of the shot: Electronic Flash!

It can be from the camera flash, fill flash, slow flash, external flash, IR triggered flash, multi-flash, slave flash, radio-flash, bounce flash, macro flash, studio flash, micro flash, ring flash, reflecto flash, zig flash or zag flash...

No, the flash doesn't have to be seen IN the shot, it needs to MAKE the shot possible.

Yes, speedlights are allowed. So are strobes. Click image for details.

FIVE top prizes each include a special eBook with your winning image on its label and a ROLLBAR (with Auxiliary Frame) for the Nikon 990. Each prize valued at $149.90. Why, that's almost 150 dollars!

March 9, 2001, Glendale California.

A Whole New Photoshop?
No! Just a little bit better one!

They've done it again, folks. They've improved Photoshop! A little. This time the update is for the Macintosh and Windows versions of Photoshop 6.0. Now it will become Photoshop 6.0.1.

But a few things that were perplexings of the third order are now a thing of the past. You know how you hit Command-h (Control-h in Windows) to make the selection markee go invisible? PS 6.0 made you hit it twice. Now you only have to key it in once. Little things like that are improved. But it is worth the added functionality.

Download the Macintosh version for free, here.
Download the Windows version for free

March 9, 2001, Glendale California.

Monitor & Print Agreement?!

Why don't my prints look like they do on the monitor? Everybody has said that. Everybody.

But it is possible to get them to agree with each other closer than they are now, perhaps. This special test pattern can steer you closer to matching your monitor to your printer. For the best effect, it takes advantage of Photoshop 6.0's new "Proof Setup" feature.

Check out the new "Print Versus Monitor Help" page.

Download the special test pattern and get that image on the screen to be more helpful!

March 4, 2001, Glendale California.

Understanding WB Better

WB is White Balance and it's easy to get it wrong. Not to worry, there are ways of achieving the correct white balance after the fact. But it involves a smart editing program (Photoshop 6 will do just fine) and a little feature that sucks. In a good way.

This interactive page gives clues you can use.

February 28, 2001, Burbank California.

B&H Backorder Lifts!

B&H Photo/Video sold completely out of eBooks in February, mere days from their initial delivery of stock, but those guys are On It! They have put in a huge order to meet the demand. So for all in the New York area... Your ship(ment) has come in.

On the B&H search system, enter "GBCDMNCDC" to find it.

February 20, 2001, Burbank California.

iNovaFX Filter Reference!

A new page of data outlining and explaining some iNovaFX Photoshop Action Filter lore, secrets, FAQs and de-confusifiers.
(Thanks are extendicated to our President for that novel descripitative adverbification.)

February 18, 2001, Glendale California.
PMAzing Part ii : Adobe Photoshop Elements

While there wasn't a lot of Nikon Coolpix-specific material in the PMA show this time, the folks at Adobe had been busy in the back room cooking up the hot new Photoshop Elements program, a digital camera editing program that will debut in Q2, 2001. It has the tools you need the most for image editing and will find its way into many hearts, even those of full Photoshop users. Sometimes you just need motorcycle, not the whole SUV.

Two extraordinarily cool features will grab you by the credit card (it's only $99 and less, $69, if you are "side-grading" from Photoshop LE, PhotoDeluxe®, and select competing editing products): Actions and Panoramics.

The Actions are procedural macros. Say, the iNovaFX Filters are Photoshop Actions, too. Tie-in? You betcha. While PSE doesn't create these Actions, it does execute them. One writes them in full PS6. Yes, I'll be writing PSE actions very soon for late Spring release.

The next big feature, and one that is better implemented here than in any other program I've seen, is the Panoramic function. Just put all the images that overlap each other into a folder and tell PSE to go fish. It pulls them out, identifies overlapping data, warps and distorts images to fit each other, and stitches them together with pixel accuracy. And it doesn't dawdle. Exposure off on this panel or that? No worries. Just tell it to fix things and it does, instantly. Instantly always beats several minutes of tweaking.

Of course, it has the tools to color correct, gamma correct, and exposure correct images with a "next generation" attitude towards the process.

When it debuts, it will be available for both Mac and Windows platforms. A future report on PSE will be issued after we get our hands on it.

February 15, 2001, Burbank California.

Contest Winners Are Here!

And the Titanium eBook goes to...

With images from family to fame, lion to bug, vista to architecture, luck to plan, moment to structured composition, "what the" to "oh yeah," kids to afterlife, this contest has pulled in images from all around the world.

An the number of them that rose above "excellent" were far more than just the few that made it to the gallery.

Give yourselves a big hand. I do. Then click on the question mark to see the gallery and the winners.

February 14, 2001, Burbank California.
PMAzing! Part i

Too much for one report. This will dribble out of my computer over the next week. For hot updates visit and catch all the news that fits in print.

First up: Nikon's got a brand new flash. The SB-50DX Autofocus Speedlight is designed for SLR's mainly, but Oh, Boy does it give the 950 and 990 a boost! With slave capability and auto exposure, it works exceptionally well triggering off the camera flash and causing the camera speedlight to quench early, thus avoiding red-eye.

Product manager (Japan) Nobuyoshi Hagiuda looked like the cat that swallowed the canary as he whipped out the '50 and slaved it off his 990 for a perfect, dark-environment group shot without a speck of red-eye. In stores April. About $160, they think.

February 10, 2001, Glendale California.

Sayonara Chromatic Aberration!

Say What? Of course we have always had the iCrAb iNovaFX Filters to pull the chromatic aberration out of our images, but two new ones have a tweak that's worth playing with.

eBook Owners can download them using the codebook. All will become clear here.

Everybody can see how well they work on the sample image at the top of the announcement page. These Photoshop Action Filters improve the red channel handling and give a cleaner result. Give them a shot.

February 2, 2001, Glendale California.

Free eBook Reader!

Want to try an alternative to Adobe Acrobat? Maybe you would have a better experience with this little goodie. It's the Adobe eBook Reader. Cool! Now they're naming their products after ours.

No worries. They will let you download the Windows version and the new Macintosh Beta version so you can play with them and see if you like it better. Thanks, Adobe!

January 31, 2001, Glendale California.

We didn't forget the 880!

A 990 in a smaller package. The Nikon Coolpix 880 packs over 90% of the 990 into its small frame and even has a zoom lens that covers 83% of the 990's range.

What can YOU do with an 880? A lot! Here is a page of comparative goodies that steer you to things in the eBook which fit right into your 880. Click on the camera and you are there.

January 27, 2001, Glendale California.

Photoshop Curves

Throw yourself a curve.

This quick tutorial gives you some easy insight into the Curves control, one of the most versatile tools in the Photoshop arsenal.

What goes in is not necessarily what comes out. That's a Good Thing.

January 24, 2001, Burbank California.

Nikon eBook at B&H Photo.

Now you can get the Nikon eBook at the biggest retailer of photo and video equipment in the world. B&H Photo/Video in New York has a rapidly diminishing supply of them so you can purchase the eBook from their store, website or by phone, whichever you prefer.

And while you are there, be sure to check out all the accessories they have for your camera and digital darkroom.

On the B&H search system, enter "GBCDMNCDC" to find it.

January 22, 2001, Burbank California.

iNovaChrome 35mm?

Brand New! Now in 35mm. Quite possibly the most dramatic end-run you can make with people who don't believe your Nikon 990 is the quality of a 35mm film camera.

It's a one-button border that dresses up your 3:2 Nikon 990 image to conventional film status. A new addition to the iNovaFX Film Borders package, which was announced a few days ago, this one is a tromp d'oeil of the first magnitude. Free to eBook owners only. Don't have an eBook? Too bad. But why wait? The whole eBook and all that delicious stuff is less than $50. Order here.

If you own an eBook, you can access them here. You will have to use the secret password to get them. Not to worry, if you own the eBook, you already have the test answers in your hand.

January 20, 2001, Burbank California.

iNovaFX Film Borders?

New! One click and you transform your Nikon 950/990 image into an image that is OBVIOUSLY a large format film image. How could there have ever been a question about it? After all, we can see the border around the picture and we can even read those little letters they always have along the edge... hey, wait a minute! That doesn't say Kodak Ektachrome. How DID they do that?

These iNovaFX Photoshop Action Filters create the impression of film with none of the darkroom mess.

Nine (!) new iFilters give you 2-1/4 x 3-1/4 and 4 x 5 film border effects that turn your shot into a convincing large format image ready to print. And of course, you want to show it in the printed result. Text in the borders explains what the image really is and gives you the opportunity to put your own copyright, image title and exposure number on the print without defacing it.

A completely original iNovaFX Photoshop Action Filter set you can download now and have before version 2.0 of the eBook appears in a few weeks.

If you own an eBook, you can access them here. You will have to the secret password to get them. Not to worry, if you own the eBook you already have the test answers in your hand.

January 16, 2001, Burbank California.

Portable Darkroom and Monitor Setup

The Portable Digital Darkroom page has new stuff. A new color chart for your monitor setup pleasure and a preliminary review of the leading option for high quality darkrooming anywhere on the planet.

Hot Doggie! The whole idea of having a portable darkroom got one Giant Step closer to ideal with the ultra-fast Titanium G4. Jump to the Digital Darkroom Page and read all about it.

January 5, 2001, Burbank California.

New iNovaFX PS Folder Replacement Secret

The cure is worse than the disease. A rotten apple can spoil the whole bunch. And a PS6.0 filter in a folder intended for your Photoshop 5.5 won't load.

Take a New Year's Resolution, Ms Smith. "Peter, Don't ever put a PS 6.0 filter in a PS 5.5 folder again. It doesn't make people happy."

But, some got the bad folder. If you are using PS 5.5 and can't load two iNovaFX Photoshop Action Filters because Photoshop says "No can do" then you need to go here: The Secret Page.

Once there, you will be asked a question only eBook owners know, and then you will be shown how to find the replacement folders so you can download them and get happy again.

January 2, 2001, Glendale California.

Color Noise? We don't need no stinkin' Color Noise...

A new Color Noise eliminator has been born. It's a new iNovaFX Photoshop™ Action Filter and it kicks color-butt.

Noise, as you may remember from Loud Class 101 (you did take that course didn't you?) is a grainy, crummy-looking goop that turns ordinary images into --ahem-- less-than-optimum looking images.

Blue and Red channels are especially hard hit by noise, but with this filter they clean up quite well.

The example at the left shows how the worst-case scenario plays out. It's the blue channel of a warm-tone image. And that makes it noisier.

Yet, even though the example is reduced in size, you can easily see how much more noise there is in the Before image.

Two versions are available for you to play with, one for Photoshop 5.0-5.5, and another that takes advantage of some of the new things in Photoshop 6.0.

Learn all about the new filter and download it here...

NOTE: This older filter has been superceded by a better one. Click here.

December 28, 2000, Glendale California.

Viewing Strategy +

Want the eBook to sail through your computer without a pause or a care in the world? Copy the eBook folder to your hard disk. No CD delays now, mate. G'day.

Buying Strategy +

Get your Department to buy it. Our customers include Police Crime Labs, Art Departments, Professional Photographers, Newspapers, Newcomers and Old Hands of every stripe. Many individuals buy it and then simply use the knowledge and iNovaFX Photoshop Action Filters in their work.

If you are buying this for yourself and using it for your business--let them buy it. Submit an expense report. What can they say? "No, we don't need better pictures around here. Don't ever enhance our images with that stuff again." ?

December 24, 2000, Westwood California.

CD Help!

Even though only about 10 customers (much less than 1/10 of 1%) have experienced CD problems, we thought it would be helpful to give you some quick response to this. I know it can be frustrating. If it were to happen to you, you would want some fast relief, eh?

Experience is growing and these remedies will help you through the hard times when all seems so hopeless. Cheer up, if the CD were to be completely messed up, you'll get a replacement no matter where on the planet you are.

December 11, 2000, Glendale California.

New InfoBites! A new site page is collecting InfoBites that didn't make it into the eBook!

We thought we had every last detail one could ever imagine covered and now we find that there are things we missed. Oh, the shame of it all. But, being the Internet component to your eBook Experience, the page here will help fill your head with extra-fresh, cool and delicious InfoBites as they are revealed to our collective eyes. Also included: Easy things to miss.

December 5, 2000, Glendale California.

New Help! Photoshop 6.0 doesn't behave the way Photoshop 5.5 did.

The iNovaFX Action Filters depend on Photoshop. So a Work-Around Page to assist you with PS 6.0 has been added.

Visit it here.

November 30, 2000, Glendale California.

New Functions!

Starting immediately, new functions have been added to the eBook PDF files. Greater interactivity and search features have been added and continue to be refined. Soon you will be able to access the upgrade for a nominal fee. All eBooks now shipping already include these improvements.

Filter Loading Questions?

New help pages are now available. Filter Assistance and Upgrade pages now detail how to resolve small issues with the first batch of eBook CDs.

Missing Picture Frames? The first batch of CDRs inadvertently omitted a file containing three Picture Frame examples. You can download them over the Internet here.   Less than .5meg.

November 27, 2000, Glendale California.

Holiday GIFT for you. Starting today, all orders are going out as FIRST CLASS so you will get the order ASAP!!

And here is the best part: At No Extra Charge over the previous Book Rate. (offer ended January 15, 2001)

Happy Holidays...

November 25, 2000, Glendale California.

Reviews are coming in from enthusiastic owners of the eBook.

If your book were an automobile it would be like getting a Rolls Royce for the price of a Ford Escort. --Joe Juarez 

What a masterpiece, a lifetime of learning and enjoyment in a $50 buck CD. If you own any camera it's worth it, if you own this camera don't miss it!!! --Tim (Via

Read more here.

November 14, 2000, Westwood California.


PHOTOeBOOKS and Graphics Management Press have joined to bring the Secrets of Digital Photography series of eBooks to a waiting world.

Mastering Nikon Compact Digital Cameras is now being published by Graphics Management Press. Internet sales are being fulfilled through their Westwood offices right now.

Orders for this book can be entered HERE.

Graphics Management Press of Westwood, California, is one of the most progressive, professional, and respected producers of specialty books over an eclectic range of titles. Many of their books have won major awards for design, production, and subject treatment. Their design for the Times-Mirror organization's book about the Gulf War was key to their winning the Pulitzer Prize. (Images of War, 1992)

William Dorich, owner and publisher, was enthusiastic about the new medium of eBooks. "When author and designer Peter iNova showed me the camera and early pages for the book, he blew me away," said Dorich. "Now we are able to bring a high quality eBook into the world through this title."

The eBook is now available under ISBN 1-882383-12-5. Orders are being processed right this minute. The book costs $49.95 US plus a $6.50 postage, insurance, and handling fee. California residents must pay state sales tax of $4.12.

For reference, postage and insurance to Canada adds $8.50 US and Europe adds $9.90.

Other international orders with their less-easily predicted delivery costs are best handled by Email with the publisher through or call them directly by phone (number is on the Order Page).

You may order the eBook today. Shipment is NOW.