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Put your Stamp on the World!

Turn your favorite horizontal or vertical image into a memorable graphic stamp. Just run this iNovaFX iStamp Photoshop Action Filter in your copy of PS6, 7, CS or CS2 to nearly instantly convert your image into a photographic color stamp complete with perforations and a drop shadow lifting it from the surrounding color background.

Or, what the hey, do some neat color effect on it and make it into an art stamp, an engraved stamp, or anything else you think up.

Three versions are available, a Small one that makes images like these top two, with 11x14 perf holes down the sides and a Medium version with 16x20 perfs for the look of a larger stamp. Another Large version creates a 28 x23 perf stamp from any image.

For DSLR: -series eBooks (Nikon D70, Canon 300D and 350D versions), special 3:2 aspect variations allow images of that shape to be the original art.

As you work through the Action in Photoshop, it warns you of aspect ratio and orientation issues. At several steps along the way you will interact with the Action and either Continue or Stop at that point to lock in various options.

Utilites in the same Actions folder let you crop 3:4 aspect chunks from images of any size and spin the original image to horizontal and back to vertical with simple mouse clicks.

Now what? How about adding some stamp-like artifacts? We're not advocating trying to fake the Post Offices of the world out, but you can put in anything that would likely grace any stamp. Words, numbers, little teeny type...

Since you can put ANY color into the background (the two seen here selected the background color used for these pages) then you could put it on white, black or anything in-between. Spice up your own web page by including a floating stamp against its own background color.

These iNovaFX Photoshop Action Filters are available in the Nikon Coolpix (CP950 to CP 5700) eBook, the Sony eBook and all of the DSLR:-series eBooks. You load them into your Actions Palette the way any actions are loaded. Need help? We always have a lot of that hanging around.

As usual, there are things you simply can't do.

  • You can't use an image that is some odd aspect ratio. 4:3 aspect only. In fact, it will force your image to a specific size, 2048 x 1536 horizontal, if you don't load it that way. Even if it is going to be a vertical stamp.
  • You must add lettering and the shadow angle to taste, along with your selection of surrounding color.
  • If you want, you can bail out of the filter mid-stream and add a background layer of your own choosing. The iNovaFX filter conveniently stops after adding the drop shadow. Now you can discard the background entirely and have your stamp floating, ready to lick-n-stick on any other graphic.
  • If you are making a vertical stamp, you must do the initial steps horizontally, then stand it up and add the type after the fact.

Are you going to have fun with this? Sure you are. Now that you noticed it can be run twice or more, there goes the afternoon...

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