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For instance: Reader Reviews. D70/D200 eBook Reviews.

(D200 eBook) An extraordinary work, well written and expertly presented. You deserve every success with this publication (Honestly, I've seen a few camera books, but I've never engaged with one like this before!)

--Jeremy Millar (2/07)

If the eBook were an automobile, it would be like getting a Rolls Royce for the price of a Ford Escort!

--Joe Juarez, photographer, Nikon owner.

I cannot recall a product that has been released to the digital photography market with such unanimous acclaim.

--Mike Chambers, eGroup 990 forum moderator

I have ordered the update. The original was one of the most useful photographic books I have ever used.

--James W. Brown, Associate Dean, Indiana University School of Journalism

The e-book has been on my screen a lot. You have done a real service to those of us who know how to take pictures with conventional cameras, but for whom the intricacies of Adobe Photoshop 6 (and the horribly thick manuals that accompany that powerful program) are daunting.

Your presentation of what I really have to know to use PS for my photos has greatly simplified my learning. There are many things I didn't want to do, but the books I purchased heretofore did not make clear what was for darkroom emulation and what for graphics manipulation.

Long winded way of saying: many many thanks for your work. I find the work well worth the modest charge you make for it, and hope you make enough to continue to support it.

--Nelson R. Kerr Jr.

Peter iNova is a photographic and literary genius! DPReview guaranteed as an excellent buy for anyone with a Nikon Coolpix digital camera.

Peter's character really shines through, funny comments and dry wit mixed in with excruciatingly accurate detail, beautiful diagrams, excellent photographic and software examples.

--Phil Askey, Editor/Reviewer.

What a masterpiece, a lifetime of learning and enjoyment in a $50 CD.

If you own any camera it's worth it, if you own this camera, don't miss it!!!

--Tim (via DPReview.com Nikon Forum)


It is a MUST have.

--George Cifrancis

Just how good are Peter's eBooks? Our very own Editor, Dave Etchells, raves:

"If you have a Nikon 880, 950, or 990 (or the new 995), BUY THIS (e)BOOK! - It'll be the best $50 you spend on photography this year. It's simply the best photo book I've seen, by any author, in any format, in any medium. (Yes, it really is that good.) In fact, while a lot of it is specific to the Nikon series of cameras, there's so much useful information in there, it'd be a shame to pass it by just because you don't happen to own a Nikon! (Actually, the book is so good, you'd be justified in buying a Nikon camera as an excuse to own the eBook.)"

--Imaging Resource Review

(About the iNovaFX Photoshop Action Filters)

The collection is surprisingly comprehensive, covering lens distortion, chromatic aberration, color correction, ISO push processing (so to speak), color temperature adjustment, noise reduction, glare flare enhancement, color "rescue and recovery" (like eliminating red-eye), JPEG artifact reduction, aerial image recovery, dynamic range extension, special effects (sketching, brush strokes, textures), color negative conversion, black and white conversion and, yes, more.

--Imaging-Resource Newsletter Review

 I must admit that I have learned more in the past four hours about photography than I did in an intensive photography degree program I attended two years ago in Massachusetts.

--Ian McDowell

 There is just so much good stuff in it that I would buy it no matter what digital camera I owned and highly recommend it to all digital camera owners.

­Frank B

 A first class product, it's already solved an issue with gamma settings in Photoshop for Windows.

--Charlie (cdPhoto)

 Excellent product, well organized, comprehensive and what great pictures. The perfect traveling companions: CP990, my laptop, and iNova's eBook.

--Don K

 What a treasure of information!  Also, what a fantastic presentation!  I have read tons of books and magazines on digital photography.  Peter iNova's book blows them all out of the water!  It is, bar none, the best 50 bucks you'll spend on your camera. If you can't afford it, sell one of your lenses. You'll get lots more use from the book.

--Gary Samples

 eBook has hit New Jersey. And it is superb. I thought I would just "flip" (actually, click) through it for now, but I've been snagged by this or that tidbit for the last couple of hours.
What Peter did is explore some very specific dark corners of this camera and came back with tips and tricks and unique strategies.

--John Calendo


Mike Chambers, moderator

To: www.egroups.com/group/Coolpix990

Well, this afternoon I received my copy of Peter iNova's "Mastering Nikon™ Compact Digital Cameras". Here's a short review.

Buy it.

I've screamed through the first three chapters at breakneck speed. Peter's writing style is very comfortable -- easy to comprehend without sounding oversimplified or patronizing. The chapters are full of clear examples, step-by-step instructions geared to the 990, and sample photos that demonstrate the result of each setting.

While Nikon's instruction manual tells you how to set the settings, "Mastering Nikon™ Compact Digital Cameras" tells you how to set the settings that achieve the image you're trying capture.

You've paid $1000 for your Coolpix 990. Pay $50 to learn how to get the best possible pictures out of it.


I received it 3 days ago and it is an absolute WINNER. I have had the opportunity to scan through it and here are my initial impressions:

Content is comprehensive, informative, insightful and covers both basic as well as very advanced topics. Everyone will find a great deal to practice, and will be amazed at just how well written and informative it is

Secondly, the quality of the photographs is truly impressive. Magnified up to 300 per cent, they display at their best. I use the PDFs in the Ultra High res folder although you could choose to use the slightly lower res version which would probably load faster. Use the Ultra high res files and you will not be disappointed.

It is an inspirational experience to read, written in a colloquial but very well organized manner. If you had any doubts, throw them aside and get it ASAP. We pay more for accessories that are FAR less useful than this excellent piece of work

Peter Levey,Vancouver, BC.

(via DPReview.com Nikon Forum)

 ...though his ebook is for the Coolpix, I found a wealth of usable information about digital photography through it.

It is so well done that one should read it simply for the appreciation of reading a good book, much like you would read a literature classic.

-Robert Temphires

 This is the best, most comprehensive Photography Book (Accessory, Photo Course, etc.) that has ever been developed. I am just scratching the surface and I have learned volumes, and my images have improved dramatically.

­Richard Nelms

  A Digital Photography Primer -- Speaking of camera gear, Phil Lefebvre happened upon a book geared for owners of Nikon cameras but also useful for anyone using a digital camera, Mastering Nikon Compact Digital Cameras by Peter iNova. "It is a $50 well-designed PDF 'book' (you can print it out if you want) on taking great digital photos, containing a digital photo editing tutorial, third party camera manual, and a collection of Photoshop filters on a CD.

Together, they can take any amateur point-n-shooter and quickly bring him or her to a high level of competency in digital photography. It is written in a style that fully respects the audience's intelligence, along with a sense of humor that prevents it from getting dry. I am (was!) totally ignorant in photography, but still breezed right through all 325 pages, and was applying things I learned the first day. Even a non-digital pro photographer could learn from the extensive number of clever tips in using digital technology, and the Nikon cameras in particular.

Just learning about using my camera with a microscope has already made the book pay for itself. Finally, while the book and software are both Windows and Mac-compatible, the author is unashamedly a Mac user, and it is nice to see all the pictures of his PowerBook, and all the screenshots from a Mac." --TidBits.Com

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Nikon / Sony eBooks

A rich, detailed, information-laden and easy-to-pick-up and use guide, Peter iNova's Mastering Nikon Compact Digital Cameras is an interactive CD software which is fully compatible with both Macintosh and Windows platforms. Featuring extensive "walk-through" instructions to making the most of camera systems, special effects, computer software, and more, Mastering Nikon Compact Digital Cameras will improve any dedicated photographer's digital photography skills with respect to the economical Nikon Compact Digital Camera.

Also very highly recommended is Peter iNova's The Sony Advanced Cyber-Shot eBook (1882383184, $49.95) written specifically for practitioners of all skill and experience levels. In-depth camera courses, digital photography lessons, demo software, live Internet connections, PDF files, example files, and so much more make The Sony Advanced Cyber-Shot eBook an advanced, interactive self-teaching guide of the highest order.

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