Secrets of Digital Photography

Version 4.0   03 08 02



L A T E S T   C H A P T E R   3 E

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Note: The images here are by iNova using the Nikon Coolpix 5000 at the DMA 2002 show in Orlando.





The eBook Grows...

Version 4.0 Starts Shipping, Now.

It took a while, but I think you will find that it was worth the wait. With 42 pages of ideas and images, Chapter 3E is the longest of the Camera Operation chapters.

It joins the original chapters expanding the eBook to 369 pages overall.

The InfoBites are thicker than honey. Over 180 InfoBites about all aspects of camera operation can be found in Chapter 3E.

InfoBites are the reminders, clues, tips and techniques we would remember all the time, if this were a perfect world. 146 new images, tables and illustrations join the eBook in Chapter 3E bringing the visual content of the whole eBook up past 1100.

Special new iNovaFX filters geared for the special requirements of the large 5-megapixel images join Chapter 9, iNovaFX Filter Use.

Appendix enhancements, some new interactive links, the usual convenient global browsing and thumbnails and inclusion of the 5000 into the main chapters of the eBook all come with the new CD.

Thanks for your patience. Enjoy!

March 8, 2002






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