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Mastering Nikon Compact Digital Cameras, more often referred to as the Nikon eBook
is the most popular (and first) digital photography eBook ever produced. Now in its sixth version, it covers Nikon Coolpix compact digital cameras starting with the CP950, 990, 995, 717, 4500, 5000, 5700, 5400 and includes a special chapter on the Nikon converter optics, wide, tele and fisheye.

The eBook can be conveniently read off your computer screen with included Adobe Reader 6 (Mac and Windows included), or if you wish, sections of it can be printed out in laser or color ink-jet.

Click on highlighted text and you jump to other places in the eBook--and even make instant connections to the Internet. Roll your mouse over images and they change, showing you A/B/C comparisons, or triggering embedded movie sequences. If a picture is worth a thousand words, what's a movie worth?

Exceptional Quality
eBook files are in two resolutions. High; meaning able to be enlarged up to 200% without showing enlarged pixels, and Ultra, with images that can be blown up to 400%. Small images on each page can be viewed full-screen! It's like pushing your face to within 3 inches of a paper book (if you could focus that close). You can study details here far better than you could in a magazine or printed book, and the color is experienced in the wider tonal range of your computer monitor, not the limited presentation of ink on paper.

iNovaFX Software
Included with the eBook are 420 iNovaFX Photoshop Actions, files that automate the full version of Photoshop (6, 7 and CS) into achieving stunning sophisticated results that correct errors like color white balance mistakes, chromatic aberration effects, barrel distortions and even vignette effects.

Some lift exposure, lighten shadows, provide local contrast enhancements, cut through atmospheric haze (for shots from airplanes), lower noise, combine images in novel ways and produce film-like conversions to black and white.

Still others convert images into a huge range of special effects results including graphic, painting, watercolor, and many artistic translations from simple sepia-like results to complex sophisticated museum-quality transformations.

A whole series of Actions act as substitutes for optical filters. Neutral and color Grad filters, Cross Star filters, Polarize Sky filters, Diffusion Filters, Fog Filters and Highlight Filters. Some produce visual results exactly like physical filters, and others produce next-generation effects that no optical filter could achieve.

Graphic treatments, Tutorials that teach perspective alteration and Panoramic stitching, and many printing treatment Actions are here to complete your pictures.

Reader Software
With an eBook, you need software to view it. Adobe Reader 6 is included for both Windows and Macintosh platforms. And since Adobe provides free Readers for all platforms including Unix, Linux and others, the eBook can be read on virtually all computers.

Demonstration software like 20/20 Color MD and PhotoRescue 2 are right on the CD, too. Special images that are used with Tutorial Action sets let you learn how to achieve sophisticated Photoshop results quickly and intuitively.

Photography Course
In 24 fun pages, you, the photographer, are given 22 challenges that expand your photographic awareness. You become your own best critic as you set out to find and photograph a wide range of specified image types.

Photoshop Course
Some people fear Photoshop. It seems so big and complex that they blow past it. But it really isn't that way at all. Included is a 7-step Basic Photoshop Course that takes you from zero to zippy in an hour or two.

A Gallery of Coolpix photographs from Nikon enthusiasts all over the world is presented to give you encouragement and inspiration.

The Nikon eBook has a lot. It gives you knowledge, understanding, challenges and loads of tools to help you leap forward in getting more out of your camera.

Upgrade to Version 6

Three IDEAS: (I am not a mathematician)

Upgrading your current version of the Nikon eBook is easy. And low-cost, too. Our philosophy is that this is "software" and should be treated like a version upgrade to, say, Photoshop. But it is only for first owners of an original, full price eBook.

1. Version 6.0 Upgrade is shipping now. New CP995 and CP775 chapters arrived in V3.0. Version 4.0 brought revisions throughout the eBook plus a whole new chapter on CP5000 operation. But that's not all there is to it. Version 5 included the CP4500 and CP5700 chapters and Version 6 includes the CP5400 and new chapter on Nikon Converter Optics including the FC-E9 Fisheye Converter.

Now the eBook is 513 pages with over 1600 illustrations. Click!

2. Present (existing/prior) owners can get the 6.0 Upgrade CD for only 24% of the price of a new eBook. Meaning: 76% off the original's price! It's a software upgrade price to the next edition of the eBook that includes the complete new disk. Any current original owner is licensed acquire the 6.0 version for $12 plus $3 P&H. Check out the special order page.

3. Purchases made through camera stores and on-line sources such as will need to send a proof of purchase (copy of your receipt, image of your disk or its serial number from the clear center section --or [NEW] the serial number from a special serial number sticker in or on the package) to the publisher.



As always, any non-functioning CD will be replaced free of charge. Any non-functioning CDs must be returned for replacement.

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Contact us at: and include these items in your note.

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These go out first class and should be in your hands a few days after being mailed.

Both High Res and Ultra Res PDF files have interactive links and Acrobat Bookmarks for easy navigation. These are included in disks shipping now.

5 Megapixel, Second Generation chips are upon us:

Version 5.0 of the eBook cuts into the new territory of 5-megapixel imaging. Chapter 3E is about the CP 5000, Nikon's first 5-megger and V5's Chapter 3G takes on the CP5700.

Chapter 3H covers the CP5400 and new Fisheye converter in Nikon eBook Version 6.

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