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Very Honorable Mention: (not in an order of relative merit)

Stephan Ramsey. Ed Harris, star of Pollock, on stage at the U. of Oklahoma, caught in a thoughtful moment under existing light.

Petra Holmström. Stairs. A geometric composition of angles, color and light.

Rex Steyskal. Untitled. After being challenged to achieve "letter of the rules" by a noncontributor, went back and captured one of nature's finest in an improved composition. Rose to the challenge.

Ian Frechette. Ice Climber. With camera set to a previous white balance for mercury vapor lamps, the shot was made. Ian decided against a B&W version and the color error became a synergistic enhancement.

Francesco. Untitled. The story is in the reflection. And it seems to be a mystery story.

Dave Suwala. Infrared Panoramic. Playing with a new filter pulled Dave into a whole new level of experimentation. Open the image in a new page to see it larger.


Julius K. Bjornsson. House. Julius had been searching for a way to make the dead of winter the life of his photographs and this nostalgic image makes the very cold into the very warm.

Joon. Ocean Clouds. It's a combination of three images that brings this texture piece together. None of them were planned for this final composition making this an image of technique and discovery.

Down Under Pete. Mimeout. A strong composition of color, figure and angles.

Cosmo. Statue. Technique and texture combine to make a strong, quiet image.

Jarell Conley. Untitled. Strong composition and color plus the appropriate "roll film" border blur the distinctions of film and digital image.

Contest Winners:

Two images won the Titanium eBook. One for sheer outrageous discovery and execution, the other for quick reaction to a moment with a child resulting in a composition that arrests the eye.

Larry Mingus. Ants. Finding a cluster of ants on a stove top, Larry quickly improvised a lighting setup with a Styrofoam cup, captured the image and brought it to this result in Photoshop where scratches and crumbs were deleted from the composition.

Ola Sletteboe. Untitled. Kids don't often strike studious poses for more than a few seconds. Ola reacted to this moment without extra time to think. The image provokes a story in our minds.

All photos are the exclusive property of their photographers/copyright holders. For permission to reproduce images, contact the photographers. Email addresses presented are those that accompanied the images into the contest. For Email address update or corrections please contact Peter iNova at

Appearance in this contest does not constitute an endorsement of the products sold here. These images appear on their own merit. In fact, many extremely good images didn't make the page to review all the images submitted to this contest please visit Digital Photography Review at this address:

The images presented in this gallery each have a story to tell about how they came to be. When viewed through the filter of the photographer's experience they teach us all.