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Updated 10-15-2001



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The newest version of the Mastering Nikon Compact Digital Cameras eBook is now finished.

Everything the Nikon eBook is known for is still in it, plus new Camera Operation chapters for the CP995 and CP775.

Interesting numbers: 325 pages. Over 950 images. Over 350 iNovaFX Photoshop Action Filters. Over 800 InfoBites.

Plus a whole lot more: New Photoshop 6.0 Tryout, New Test Strip 3.0 full-function tryout good for 30 days, new Acrobat Reader 5.0 for Mac and Windows (along with Acrobat 4, if you prefer).


They're Here!

Waiting is a chore. You want something and it's not ready, yet. Sigh. But then comes the day that it is ready and all the waiting is in the past. Used up completely.

That's today. The past was consumed in making the eBook bigger and better, but that's all over now. It is shipping right now.

If you never got the eBook before, you are in for a treat. Read the REVIEWS, then ORDER it. Then start enjoying what thousands of Nikon Coolpix photographers already know.

But wait! There's more:

If you bought it after May 1, 2001, then you get a 995 chapter for free (details below). If you already own an eBook and wish to get the latest, you can buy the new CD with all the high resolution and ultra resolution chapters for an astounding 80% off the cover price!

You heard right. Upgrades for valid owners are only $10 plus $2 Postage and Handling. See the order page for details when this feature goes on-line.

What's inside the V3.0 CD?

Everything that was in Version 1 and 2 plus two whole chapters on the detailed operation and special secrets of the highly evolved Coolpix 995 and tiny, but capable, CP775.

Lots of pointers and references to 880 and 885 concepts and features are in the text.

The entire eBook is updated to include these two new cameras and brand new iNovaFX Photoshop Action Filters abound. All the filters that have been developed over the last year are in here, now. No need to download them.

The CD that goes out as an upgrade is exactly the same one now included in the full package for new purchasers. Meaning that all the new files, software, filters and changes are in both.

The 995 chapter alone is stuffed to the brim with InfoBites. Those are the tasty little factoids, tips, tricks, techniques, experiments, discoveries and procedures that take their subject or feature into a world of possibilities. The 995 chapter had over 120 at last count, and the 775 chapter had 93.

What else? More pages-- 325 8.5 x 11 inch pages. More images-- over 950. More learning exercises, more iNovaFX filters, more software... did I leave anything out?

Oh, yes. We've updated the appendix to include verified links all over the world to the huge number of interesting informational sites that we just KNOW you'd want to see. And Internet addresses are click-to-go direct from Adobe Acrobat!

Not only that!! The INDEX is... um... better. Hey, you may not appreciate it, but it took two whole days to compile and verify. I bet you think writing an index is easy. Well if it were easy, everybody would do it. But how do I really feel about it? I think it is one heck of a good index. Why, it's even in alphabetical order.

Free 995 PDF

May 1, 2001+ owners get a free PDF chapter on the 995.

Anybody who bought their eBook on May 1, 2001 or later has a free eBook chapter coming. No kidding of any kind.

The file has been compressed down to a sveldt 2 megabytes and we can email it to you directly. We have the email addresses you gave with PayPal and order-desk direct with Graphics Management Press.

We emailed these out but many were returned from email addresses that couldn't take the full two megabytes.

If you didn't get yours, simply email me at and I'll send it to the address you specify. Include your serial number (see below).

Does DigitalSecrets know I'm valid?

If you don't get yours before October 30, then we may not be having success with your email address. If you bought your eBook from or B&H Photo Video of New York, you MUST send us an email that includes your mailing address, the serial number from the inner core of your eBook CD, and the date and place you purchased it. We will send you the magic code to unlock the download from this website.

Some records may be harder to pin down than others. The serial number on the inner clear portion of the original CD is written in small black numbers. The serial numbers can tell us exactly when your disk was pressed indicating your eligibility.

It has been fun digging into these cameras and finding out their light and dark secrets. I believe you will like them, too.

Happy beeping and "Bon Aperture,"


Get the eBook. Version 3.0 is now shipping. We have a secure order page that will allow previous eBook owners to upgrade for low cost, too. Or you can call direct and order from the publisher by phone or FAX.
Phone:(310) 475 2988 (M-F 9-5 Pacific Time)  
FAX (310) 475 9486 (24hrs).

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