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6 Megapixel D-100!   02 27 02



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Note: The images here are by iNova using the Nikon Coolpix 5000 at the DMA 2002 show in Orlando.





The 6-Megapixel SLR!

This 6-Megapixel Mainstream Workhorse Will Be the Most Popular Nikon SLR Ever.

Coming this summer to a drooling public near you, the D100 6.1 megapixel SLR combines more evolution, greater image power and more pixels into a more affordable, definitely mainstream digital single lens reflex.

The 3008 x 2000 sensor imaging chip is 15.6 x 23.4mm big for a 1.5X magnification factor. If you want the look of a 50mm lens on a film SLR, buy the lens with 0.67 times the millimeters. So that 35mm lens becomes equivalent to a 52.5mm normal lens on this camera.

How much is a 35mm f/2.0 lens these days? Street price; about $260*. That means you leave the camera store with significant change for your $3000 bill (or 30 $100s), after buying the body and a "normal" lens. Maybe you could get a second lens? It could happen without killing the budget.

Note that the lens shown on the camera here is anything but normal. That's the cool new 24-85mm (f/3.5-4.5) zoom which gives the coverage of a 36-127.5mm lens on a film body.

The CCD is low noise, the ISO goes to 1600, the camera is light but solid, it has a built-in flash (for those of you that MUST) and I predict that they will sell more of these than all the D1 variations ever made.

The F100 is one of the very few cameras that reach a huge professional and advanced enthusiast market with equal ease. This camera is the digital equivalent and will reside solidly in the hearts and minds of equal numbers of pros and near-pros.

It will appear this June, they say, and I would bet that camera packages (body plus array of lenses) will be more prevalent with this model. Since the chip doesn't reach to the edges of a 35mm film frame, one does not need to be as circumspect with optics. Meaning that lenses which don't work sharply in the corners of film may still be fine, thank you, for digitography.

I bet you want to know more. And so do I. Until we shoot with it for real, you can find out more here and here.

* Never actually buy a lens from a guy on the street. Street price is a figure of speech. You knew that.






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