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iNovaFX Filter Secret Page



January 5, 2001, Burbank California.

New iNovaFX PS Folder Replacement Secret

Like I was saying, "The cure is worse than the disease. A rotten apple can spoil the whole bunch. And a PS6.0 filter in a folder intended for your Photoshop 5.5 won't load...

"...Once there, you will be asked a question only eBook owners know, and then you will be shown how to find the replacement folders so you can download them and get happy again..."

eBook owners will have no problem answering this question, but those who don't have the eBook will not know the answer. Answer the question correctly and you will be transported immediately to the Magic Page where you can download the iNovaFX PS 5.5-compatible files that give you access to the iPSStylize.atn and iDimroomArt.atn folders.

These have the correct filters in them. Just copy the folders to your desk top and use the Actions Palette to load them into Photoshop.

Click on the button, then enter the first word in the Gallery's body text. Use lowercase letters only. (Netscape browsers ask for it twice. Dunno why. Just enter it again.)