Get more out of your pictures than your camera put into them!

NOW - ACTIONS Photoshop CS5

280 pages. iPad-friendly. Includes the iNovaFX original Photoshop Actions collection with over 630 exclusive Actions for both still photos and motion picture scenes.

[Contains material originally published in our Lights... Digital Camera... ACTIONS! eBook updated, revised and rewritten for Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop Extended CS5.]

Windows / Macintosh / iPad compatible.
Adobe Reader software included.

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The Billion Things

The Billion Things You Need To Make Your Camera Shoot Movies

160 pages. Over 120 embedded movie and HD interactive examples. Mac and PC-friendly. How to make the transition from DSLR to HDSLR with instruction on shot types, story telling on the fly, editing, visual effects, movies from stills, title sequences, must-have accessories, time-lapse, slow motion, the essential five rules you need in every shot, what to do when those rules are broken, flying the camera, burrowing into the HDSLR tech, future camera features, extensive interactive Appendix and much more.

Interactive movies on nearly every page. Interactive/animated images. Selection of Photoshop Extended Actions for CS4+ that operate on movie files.

Windows / Macintosh - compatible.
Adobe Reader software included.

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