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Incredible exploding camera. Click to see. An image made all the more ironic by recent events as noted in the green box below.

Actually the above is the 828 in a technical view designed to show off its interior, but the story below is chilling.

Has Sony gone mad?

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  • Updated January 21, 2006.

  • It is important to note that this site is not affiliated with Sony, Sony Corporation, Sony Style or Sony USA.

    That disclaimer has been on this page verbatim since 2002. But now we feel compelled to add some comments in view of recent developments:

  • It's perhaps of interest to know that Sony has instructed its New York lawyers, Abelman, Frayne & Schwab, to order us to stop using the Internet to talk about Sony products. Not kidding. They quite literally accused me of harming Sony and its trademark by doing the things that created this site and your ability to access it. It has cost me thousands of dollars to get these idiots off my back*.

  • In my view, the only thing this site has done is discuss various Sony products by name, to identify pages as being referenced to Sony products and to advertise my own Sony digital camera eBooks which are self-identified as being about Sony products.

  • Sony's behavior in this matter is a very obvious attempt to quash my ability to freely speak about their products, to conduct a business that references their products by name and to set an example to others by pointing to this matter as a precedent of how they control all discussion about their products because such discussion includes the Sony name within it.

  • You might think I'm just gassing off here, but we soon will take a look at their actual correspondence to me.

  • This is the same Sony whose Canada arm purchased our Advaced Cyber-shot eBook by the truckload and gave it away free to every Canadian customer who bought the cameras covered in that volume from June to November of 2004.

    Obviously the parts of Sony that are interested in doing good things for their customers are not the parts of Sony who are interested in maintaining cordial relations with the independent supporters of their products as seen in our eBooks.

  • This is the same Sony that has been hiding spyware in its music CDs. Not kidding. Google "Sony Spyware" and review the 8,180,000 English page responses. (The number is subject to change.)

  • This is the same Sony that has been responsible for computer batteries frying laptops. Not kidding. Google "Sony battery problem" and review the 3,080,000 English page responses. (The number is subject to change over time.)

  • This is also the same Sony that has had to cancel sales of six digital cameras which failed to pass quality control standards, yet were distributed into the camera stores and sold to the general public. If you have any of the following models, Sony owes you a huge refund (2005):

  • DSC-H1 / DSC-L1 / DSC-P200 / DSC-W7 / DSC-W5 / DSC-S90

  • This is also the same Sony that has released a number of digital cameras with huge problems in the image chips over time. If you have any of the following models, Sony owes you a replacement or huge refund (autumn 2006):

  • DSC-F88 / DSC-M1 / DSC T-1 / DSC-T11 / DSC-T3 / DSC-T33 / DSC-U40 / DSC-U50

    It is sad to see a company sink so low. Any company can have a manufacturing problem and require a recall. But six models take off the market? Then a ytear later, eight more models with giant flaws?

    For a company as formerly great as Sony to sink to the depths of quite literally embedding spyware in its music CDs, and then to inappropriately slam the very people who have supported certain of their products is inexcusable.

    Shame on you, Sony. You need to get your priorities, your legal staff and your quality control in order. You have brought great disgrace to the house of Akio Morita and his successors. Had he been around for this amazing debacle, more than heads would have rolled.

    We have seen Sony become the victim of total jerks in the past. Remember when the combined forces of Hollywood decided that the very existence of Betamax home video taping was going to RUIN the entire movie industry, so they sued Sony Big Time?

    Just because Sony now IS one of those major motion picture studios doesn't extend to them a license to join the TJC**.

    *In particular, they insisted our URL "itssony.com" which only directed inquiries to this exact page, minus all the commentary below the disclaimer at the top of this column, was simply ruining all the carefully crafted trademark, PR and reputation they had so dilligently built up over the years.
    I changed the raison d'etre of that URL to become a discussion of things that are SO New York ("it's So N.Y. dot com"), my other favorite city.

    But their zeal to punish me for daring to create these pages included their order that I cease and desist from using the URL of this very page, "ItsSony.html" which implies that nobody can use their trademarked four letters in the name of any page on the internet. If this were a serious threat, then every camera reviewer, blogger or journalist that created a page referencing a brand of product would be actionable. We are weighing our options.

    **Total Jerks' Club.

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