November 20, 2002

2. Oops. The "iCCFluoro..." actions have gone missing!

What the...? Yes, it's true. You can stop scratching your head, it's my bad.

Sad but true, two actions are awol. Those useful for correcting images shot with either Daylight or Incandescent white balance settings under office fluorescent lights. Click here for a special page on it and access to the missing files.

Geez! I thought the eratta were taken care of...

September 28, 2002

1. Oops. The "Read Me" document(s) in the Sony™ eBook contains an error in some of the first copies.

The text claims to contain a demo copy of Genuine Fractals' Print Pro 1.0.8, when in reality that program is not on the Sony CD at all. You wouldn't want it anyhow, since there is a much more recent version available for you to play with.

You may download their latest demo program from this link:

Genuine Fractals Demo

...So far, that's it. Wish me luck...

Not An Error But -Department

Special updated versions of the Adobe Acrobat reader for the latest operating systems (Windows XP / Mac OSX, for instance) are available by clicking here.

Some people can't print the "SonyColorWBFilters.jpg" file because it is in CMYK format. Photoshop has no problem with this, but your software might. I've prepared an RGB version of the file for those who would rather have it in that format. If you didn't get an Email with this enclosed, drop me a line with enough info to track your order and I'll Email it to you.


Say, we like to stay on top of things and we really do spend a lot of time proofreading, correcting and fixing misteaks but you never can teel when airors can creap iunto thiungks.

So, we have institituted this pgae to try to cover our betts when we find yptographci mistakes and omisssionas.

I'm shure you understand.

--the editoir


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