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 DSC-F707 Cyber-shot IMAGES


Geodesic Night Sky     Wide Converter 0.7.

It's a Stretch     Crop from full frame.

It's a Stretch    100% detail crop.

Cuppa     Candid. Wait for it... No time to pose the shot. All I could do was wait until the next order came out. I think at this instant, he hadn't quite realized that his picture was being taken. Half a second later he beamed.

Night Shade     Auto WB.


Stone Cold / Stone Hot      Daylight color, daylight IR with filter.

Night Garage     High Contrast test subject. I use this vantage to test all digital cameras these days, since the lighting doesn't change and the colors are challenging. High contrast subjects often tell you a lot. In this case, they tell me that the camera captures a very realistic image and avoids internal flares while maintaining excellent detail and subtlety in highlights and shadows.

Tree Tease     Taking IR to the streets.
(Full frame showing vignetting from a less than optimum 52mm IR filter--with a 58mm IR filter it goes away entirely.)

BB     Extreme chroma challenge. The 707 handled the hot, high chroma neon elements without crashing to pure white in the orange, red, yellow and intense blue lights. Even the super-saturated reds have not hit the color ceiling at this exposure. This makes the image appear more the way film records extreme chroma.

Flash Spike     Daylight / Flash mix.
A close up flash in a dark environment gives any camera's flash unit fits. Here, the subject was a silouette until the pre-flash tested the scene and told the camera to not be so swept away with the large dark surroundings. In an instant, the exposure system found and implemented a worthy compromise.

Hello Yellow     The original exposure was shot with Incandescent WB by mistake. Man, did that look ugly! Especially since the shot was such a color statement to begin with. The original file needed to be adjusted from 2900 degrees Kelvin to 5800 degrees K.
iNovaFX707 color adjustment action fixed it to this normal-looking result. Yes, the yellow wall really is that intense!

Available Darkness     Night shot at ISO 2500. (Shooting NightShot in Auto ISO mode turns the camera into a night-scope!)

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