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eBook = eWOW!

--DPReview Thread

"An accessory that doubles the value of your camera!"


Funny thing ...and I'll have to post the pictures later... I received my 717 back from Sony today and checked out the images on the memory card. One of them is of the Sony e-Book by iNova!

They have it up on a pedestal and must have shot the image in low light.

How's that for a testimonial. Even Sony techs use it :)

--Tim Lauro

My copy came in the mail yesterday and I took an hour this morning to glance through it. This book is fantastic! It is as if Peter compiled all the tips, tricks and knowledge collected in STF and presented it in a clear straightforward and fun way.

It goes so far beyond the "Short Course" book and works hard to help you "see" your photos, not just "take" them.

The galleries at the end of the book took my breath away --

I for one, plan on spending many hours with this gem. Thanks, Peter for a truely inspiring work - well worth the $50 price tag!

--Kim Rue

I've read through page 50 so far and continuing at a frantic pace. Nothing but great information here.

This book is to the 707/717 what a drivers license is to a car - a neccessity.

--Paul Pelletier   

I gotta tell ya that this was one of the best educational investments that I have made...It is a must to those new to the Sony F7x7 series and would resurrect a new view to seasoned veterans..

Reading manuals is a battle that can wear you down but this eBook leads you gently and intelligently as if the author is in your mind spinning an exciting tale.

I find that I am more boastfull about the eBook than I am about my F717...

Don't get me wrong I believe the F717 is the best camera that I have owned, but Peter iNova brings it to life much faster than the usual trial and errors of discovery. You will also find that the nomenclature of photography is graphically explained rather than assumed.

--Don Blum       

I mentioned this in another thread, but not sure if you saw it, that thread was getting huge. But I just recieved the eBook yesterday, and I'm completly amazed at all the content you managed to stuff in.

The actions alone are worth the 50 bux. Thanks a lot for taking the time to compile all this information, and resources all on 1 cd for us.

Anyone who doesnt have it (expecially newbies like myself) I highly recommend this book.

And Peter is NOT paying me to say this :-D

--Thomas Minnick

Although I was a bit skeptical about the eBook format, I have found the book to be nothing short of BRILLIANT.

Sony should be shipping it with the camera. The scope of coverage exceeded my expectations, in many cases teaching more than I have learned from a pile of Digital photography / Photography / etc. (magazines).

Thanks again for an incredible book that will be my Bible for sometime to come.

--Terance Healy



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