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T R A V E L   F E A T U R E

 For a sense of true power, you will need a plug adapter and your 120/240V power supply / battery charger.

I like food. I like Italian food. But I was not prepared to like the food you get inside Italy as much as I did. In just a few days, the realization had sunk in that Italian restaurants in the US are only doing a "version" of the real thing.

And the real thing is far better. That table full of stuff is just a wee snack.   



Both images with the Sony DSC-F707



A city that sparkles in the sun.

Sony DSC-F707


Rome. The external city. Where tourists have had their pictures taken with gladiators for over 2000 years.

Sony DSC-F707.  


Sony DSC-F707

Nothing like a nap by the Tiber on the base of a bridge that dates back to 39 BC.

Ancient Rome had orgies. Modern Rome has busses. There's nearly the same degree of intimacy with either.

And the bus drivers are often better dressed than you or I.



Interior: Nikon 5000. Enthusiastic driver: Sony DSC-F707.







Milan, Venice, Rome 1: Sony DSC-F707. Rome 2: Nikon 775.


It just landed there one day and nobody knows what it is. Recently scraping noises have been heard coming from deep within...

Sony DSC-F707

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