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Images here were gathered using Sony and Nikon digital cameras.





Italy Under the Digital Lens

Italian Photons Taste Better

How do digital cameras travel? How do digital travel image-gathering techniques make for better pictures?

What sort of problems appear when digital photography reaches out beyond the safety of convenient home-based resources?

And what kind of results can one expect when carrying the image gathering and storage systems abroad?

Where better to test these ideas than in the field? Or the canals, piazzas, cafés, museums and streets of a photogenic environment. In this case, Italy.

Every picture tells a story (don't it?), but every picture plus a story tells a lot more.

From a Milan Taxi streaking through the rain to make curtain time at the Opera, to lovers captured sharing a resuscitating aperitif at St. Marks Square in Venice, the Italian scene is one of the richest, most photogenic in the world.

Oh, and don't the tourists know it! They are endlessly lining up those formula shots that are standard tourist fare:

Here is X with their back to Y. Mathew Brady's posing technique from 1864.

See? We really were here!

It would seem that Italy has it all. The world's first (and best) theme park (Venice itself), monumental subjects (literally), colossal photo opportunities (old and new), action, adventure, drama, excitement, people, places and things all parade past one's lens screaming, "Take me, I'm yours."

And we haven't even mentioned the food yet.

Okay, here it is in words of unambiguous content: Italian food is the best. Period.

But you could probably make those same words stick for their museums, traffic cops, pigeons, parks, antiquities, fashion, cathedrals, coffee, labor disputes and traffic jams.

Hey, you haven't lived until you see a banner of Che Guevara paraded in front of St. Peters. But I digress.

One of the great treasures of Italy can be found at every turn. The people there have an attitude that shows up in their friendliness, openness, smiles, stylish dress, gestures (you need hands to speak Italian) and joy of life.

Maybe it's the climate, or the wine, or the history, or the motor scooters. Did I mention the motor scooters?

Whatever the Italians are having, I'd like to have some, too.

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