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December 2, 2003



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I want a camera that does everything.

Who doesn't? The nearly pocket size Coolpix 5400 comes close, and in order to see if that description is worth its words, we torture tested our CP5400 from California to Berlin.

It's the major star of the Nikon eBook Version 6.0 which also includes its siblings the 5700, 4500, 5000, 995, 990, 950 and 775.

You've already read the pages that showed how it travels, now get the pages that reveal how it performs under the widest range of circumstances.

How does it perform--no, really?

Like all the prior top-end Nikon compacts, it tucks a huge range of control under the hood. So much that it took no less than 175 InfoBites to cover all the valuable special techniques and secrets hiding within. A world-record for factoids about a single digital camera! InfoBites, you may remember from memory class are all those things that you might easily miss while trying to solve photographic problems, often characterized by needing to solve %$#@!! problems.

Frankly, when I started up this camera for the first time, I thought it was simply a more evolved CP5000. Then, the more I used it and the more different situations I challenged it with, the more I gained respect for the CP5400. That's why the chapter took so long to write. This camera is deeper than the CP5700. Just not as much zoom or EVF.

I want a bunch of lenses.

Me, too. And Nikon has them. A special new chapter joins the camera chapters, and it is dedicated to exploring the complete range of Nikon Optical Converters from the first WC-E24 through today's super fish, the FC-E9.

I want better images.

No doubt about it. If you knew everything you could ever do in Photoshop (6, 7 and CS) you would STILL need the iNovaFX Photoshop Action Filters. (Which, by the way, are compatible with 6, 7 and CS.)

These are the 420 Photoshop Actions that alter, repair, improve, enhance, effect, filter, convert and bless your images from every side.

Thousands of hours of professional expertise distilled into hundreds and hundreds of techniques that keep your images looking better than the ones from people who don't have them.

New ones that:

> Fix and enhance that full frame Fisheye image. Make it sharper in the corners and pull the chromatic aberration out of it!

> Add vignettes on demand. Got vignette? Press a button and slide a slider to diminish it. Or take a plain, flat lit image and focus attention on the center of the screen. You'd be surprised at peoples' reactions to added soft vignette.

> Want to go beyond the Hayes Island effect? Hayes is a great art-converter program, but now you get Advanced Linear Art Conversion Actions in the iLiner series. Eight BEYOND the Hayes converters that move the notion several dimensions forward.

> Deliver that exotic dot-pattern look so popular with the Fox TV's star portrait posters these days? It's not a printing dot screen, just a great looking graphic enhancement that gives your portraits a second look. Now it's yours.

> Oops! You say you shot outdoors with the camera set to Incandescent? With film people would say, "Gee, that's tough!" and walk away shaking their heads.

Not so with your CP5400. Press an iNovaFX button and watch Photoshop make your life all happy again. Well, at least as happy as having a fixed image can make it.

Not convinced? Here's a test:

Which image below was shot with the wrong White Balance but was repaired with iNovaFX? (answer later on)

> Here's a secret secret: There are several last minute additions to the iNovaFX Actions than are listed in the text. No less than three variations on improving the Sun light exposures with Incandescent WB accidentally selected plus a magic Carnet action to show you all three at once.

There's even a new iCFTinter Action that gives you the look of adding CC filters (precise Color Correction filters used in physical darkrooms and on pro film shoots) by fine degrees to the image. And since filters reduce light, there is built-in exposure compensation.

> And of course you want images that do not have a speck of barrel distortion.

Neither do I, so there are iNovaFX Photoshop Action Filters for removing the CP5400's unique formula of barrel distortion when parked at wide zoom and when using the WC-E80 wide angle (22.6 mm equivalent + wow) converter.

Roll your mouse over this picture to see how well it works!

Hello, architects! Your camera and software are ready!

I want to KNOW!!

Of course you do. The truth will set you free. But between the advertising hype and all the opinionation in the world, wouldn't it be better if you could find out a few things because you did them with your own eyes, hands and camera?

That's what the eBook is all about. You, teaching you. Becoming your own best critic and guide every time you pick up the camera and find the view. We've had letters from people who studied photography in college who got more out of the eBook. Educators are using them every day.

Now new interactive images in Version 6 show you the Before/After and A/B/C effects of working with your Nikon Coolpix camera. If you have the Nikon 950/990/995/775/4500/5000/5700 or new 5400, then you will get the most out of this publication. And if you have the next-in-line Coolpix cameras, most of the book (8 of the 9 chapters) apply directly to you, too.

Here's the original color from those shots from above: All were made in daylight with Incandescent WB dialed up. Oops. A little blue-ish, don't you think?

We have even included PhotoRescue software so you can never cry out in anguish, having just re-formatted your CF Card accidentally. I've done that. It makes you sweat bullets. But nevermore.

Run the PhotoRescue software (you'll need the latest Stuffit to unpack the Mac version) and connect your CF card to your computer. The PhotoRescue shows you all the pictures it can retrieve. You will be looking at all your most recent images and even ones that were shot months ago. All ready for rescue.

You don't have to buy a thing to know that they are rescue-able, since you can see them. But if recovering them is worth $29 to you, a few clicks later you have your images back and will always be able to rescue them forevermore. I give this program six stars out of five.

There's a lot to see in Version 6.0. For owners of prior Nikon eBooks you can upgrade for just $15 including postage anywhere in the world. See the Order Page for details.

And if you never got one of the Nikon eBooks for your camera, there's no time like the present. See why some critics have called it the best book on digital photography.

Still the same original price in spite of all the improvements, interactions, software additions and revisions.

Get the eBooks. We have a secure order page that will allow previous eBook owners to upgrade for low cost, too. Or you can call direct and order from the publisher by phone or FAX.
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