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The Least-Expensive dSLR

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Canon makes cameras, lenses, scanners, printers, copy machines, FAX machines and equipment that manufactures integrated circuits and semiconductors. Handy that.

It means they are in a prime position to fabricate the chips that run inside their products. No middle men. And for their line of advanced digital Single Lens Reflexes, it seems they have done just that. Most cameras have a CCD image chip. Canon has fabricated their own CMOS device and refined it to a higher degree than other CMOS manufacturers have achieved.

The EOS Digital Rebel exposes images with the same 6.3-megapixel image sensor found in the more advanced Canon 10D camera.

With images of 3072 x 2048 pixels in a 3:2 aspect frame printed at the photographic threshold of 180 pixels per inch on glossy paper, the numbers suggest that prints 17 inches wide (433mm) are a predictable reality and actual print making bears this out. 11 x 17 prints (full bleed tabloid size) are well within the performance envelope of this camera.

Images here are scaled to Internet viewing size, but virtually all originals will sustain large blow-ups. Many images on these pages are larger than their display size, so if your browser can open them on a page by themselves, their larger image can be viewed immediately.

For a lot more money they will sell you a dSLR body with an 11-megapixel full-frame sensor in it that makes similarly detailed prints covering around 24 inches wide, but the EOS 300D Digital Rebel (Called the Kiss Digital in Japan) brings most of this into your hands for a convenient $1000 including a basic 3:1 wide to tele zoom lens.

The plastic body saved you money and produced a lightweight, rugged camera. It lacks the solid feel of a fully professional capital investment, but the images it produces offer no excuses. In China most of the Rebel's gatherings were saved at the largest image size at ISO speeds of 100 to 400. Under extreme conditions ISO 800 and 1600 were used.

If you ever wondered what the basic process of digital image gathering is, Canon has a movie (RealVideo format) that explains the notion with computer graphics.

The kit contained one EOS 300D silver body and three lenses: 18-55mm Kit Zoom Lens f/3.5-5.6. Sigma 28-200mm zoom f/3.5-56. Canon 50mm f/1.8 prime for low-light situations.

In practice, the 50mm fast lens was rarely used, but the other two were used with nearly equal frequency.

iNovaFX Photoshop Action iHalcyonWarm can turn images into memories. Beijing Tian Tan Park.

In all of China, everybody seemed fit.
Sigma 28-200.

Flat cities like Beijing and Shanghai are popular with bicycle riders. And when real hauling is required, just add a third wheel.
Sigma 28-200.

Better yet, get a motor under your seat and become a taxi.
Sigma 28-200.

When the going gets wet, the wet get going.

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