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Suppliers Continue to Keep Busy!

Third Party accessories and optics for the Digital Rebel.

Interesting essentials currently include:


Q-pod. A.K.A. Cobra Mini-Pod. Table top, ultra light, flat-folding, inexpensive, super handy, extendable tripod.

Several models are available in a variety of colors from or Giotto.

Get two. I'm not kidding.

About $8 ~ 20.


Extra lens cap.

Various. About $2 ~ 24.


 Rings and adapters. Various.

About $25 and up.

 Slave flash units. Some really great ones are as inexpensive as a nice lunch. And if you have an older hotshoe flash, you will want to know how to turn it into a slave.

Slave flash, $15 ~ $40. Trigger about $20.


IR flash filter. The exclusive black IR filter that lets your camera trigger slave flash units is available. Put it over your flash tube and say good bye to red-eye, on-camera flash look, and dumb lighting.

Notice how it triggered the slave unit hiding behind the vase, left.

About $5* (see article)


Monitor viewing assist. Several low-cost accessories let you see your monitor at noon in the middle of the Sahara.

Some slide viewers (left) adapt and become focusing magnifiers of sorts. Grind to shape and velcro onto your camera. It works!

$8 ~ $20.


 Monitor viewing assist II. Here is a new product that gives you an easy to velcro solution. ScreenShade.

It comes in four sizes to fit your every camera. All cost the same. Each collapses down to under 1/2 inch thick (12mm).

~ $20.


Camera bags. A number of them exist that are appropriate in size, padding and construction. Padding is good. Poor strap fixtures are bad

From $16 to $100.


Lens filters. Polarizers, IR, and protective filters are the main ones to consider. Color ones are in your eBook.

Prices vary. eBook is about $50.


Memory cards. CF cards in the Type I format now hold over 2 gigs. Enough for a world tour in the hands of many.

CF cards in the Type II format include solid state memory and the IBM MicroDrive with its 1 GB capacity.

My advice: avoid the drives. One drop on hard surfaces equals a potential head crash.

Prices and capacities vary greatly.

Panoramic Pan Head: Kaidan Kiwi VR pan-heads.

Models for many cameras that facilitate acquiring correctly spaced series of images for manipulation into VR and Panoramic images.

Many features. Nodal points for fisheye, wide angle and zoom lenses, levels, click stops.

Well designed. Link:

Starting at around $200.


Remote Controls. Canon makes the RC-5 which trips the shutter via infrared.

HarborTronics makes the DigiSnap 2100 - with long-line remote cord capability and timelapse from 0 sec on up to 10 days. The DigiSnaps are firmware upgradeable in the field and there are several models to choose from. Some trigger the camera with Pocket Wizard and IR. The one for the Digital Rebel uses a 2.5mm phone plug to trip the camera directly.

Read the Reviews.

Prices $220 direct.


 Brackets. Flash brackets, long lens brackets, cable release brackets, telescope brackets, microscope brackets, and filter holding brackets. Collect them all!

Pictured: EagleEye Universal Microscope and Telescope Adapter "DigiMount".

I have one of these on a large telescope. It's the best.

Prices vary.


Optics. Canon, Sigma, Tamron, Tokina

$30 ~ $6,000

Eyepiece Diopters. See the viewfinder better. Inexpensive eyepiece diopter optics. Hard to find, but worth the $15 bucks.

 Slide copiers. Third party units with optics and slide/filmstrip holders

About $100 -ish.

Cleaning supplies. You may be thinking lens tissue and cleaning fluids, but you should be thinking LensPen. About $10.

eBooks. Copies of Mastering Nikon Compact Digital Cameras make great gifts.

Especially nice now that the Version 6.0 is now shipping.

It includes camera operation chapters on the 950/990/995/775/5000/4500/5400/5700.

Nikon eBook: About $50.


 eBooks. Not exactly a Nikon eBook, the Sony eBook is for photographers with the DSC-F717/707, V1, 828 cameras from Sony.

Same author, iNovaFX PS Actions customized to the Sony cameras.

Version 2.0.

Sony eBook: About $50.

Batteries. There is only one current best choice: NiMH BP-511. Okay, two choices: the BP-512 works, too. Differences are miniscule.

Chargers come with the Digital Rebel.

Batteries $24 ~ $40 each.


Printers. Photographic prints from film photographers are going the digital route. Several recommended printers have risen to the top of the food chain. Prices are very affordable for excellent images.

Range from $200 to $600. Or more.

 Flash Units. Canon's own are the most versatile. Many others fit.

Flash systems vary widely in cost.

Range from $20 ~ 150. Or more.

Please Note: This page is incomplete. Prices are not quotes, they're merely guides. Postage and handling charges aren't factored in.

*The magic IR transmission filter for the flash units is not literally for sale. Make your own.

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