Secrets of Digital Photography

ISO DeNoise Filter



High ISO is its own reward.

Also it's own bag of noise.

Sure, you can shoot better in available darkness, but what about the dramatic increase in grain and color noise?

The vast facilities of iNovaLabs has combined resources with Amalgamated Universal MicroPlex industries to bring you a warrior in the Jihad Against Noise.

Perhaps it wasn't that complicated, but you get the idea.

This filter is designed to do two things.

1. It reduces color noise dramatically, but hopefully invisibly. Meaning that fine color detail is preserved after it runs.

2. More importantly, it reduces the "grain" of the high ISO image to a marked degree, producing an image that looks a full stop less noisy.

  • ISO 800 shots look more like ISO 400 shots.
  • ISO 400 shots look more like ISO 200 shots.

Other benefits can be seen when printing the resulting image at reasonable sizes. Reasonable being 8 x 10s for 2 megapixel images. Contours and detail are both quite well preserved.

If the original image were to be shot using Normal or Basic compression, the print will tend to NOT show as much compression artifacting as a non-processed image will contain.

You might be able to see this improvement around contrasty transition areas. Certainly you can see it in the Red and Blue channels when viewed individually.


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