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Barrel Correction Made Easy.

Got barrel? Sure you do. Even if you merely zoom full wide, there is a certain amount of barrel distortion in your shot.

It is a function of miniaturization. Barrel distortion can be corrected if you throw enough glass at the problem, but not today, not here, not with the zoom lenses in most cameras.

How bad is it? Not too bad, but it can show in images of straight-line subjects. At the right we've thrown the video editor out with the contents of the cutting room floor, but we've picked up some barrel distortion, too.

Sometimes we get so used to this side effect that we tune it out of our critical review of images. Others won't do that, so fixing it would be a Good Thing.

Roll your mouse over the image to see how easy it was to run the iBC24@W.950 Action and make the lines go straight. Notice the bright line crop to the top and bottom.

That shows what the final size will become after all the distortion has been removed. The final size has to change since the de-barrel function causes the long dimension of the image to swoop inward more than the shorter dimension.

Versions of this iBC (iNovaFX Barrel Correction) Action are provided with every eBook title. Many are customized for individual popular optics for Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

For dSLR eBooks, not every lens is covered, but any one we get our hands on will receive its own iBC file.

Cameras with built-in zooms that accept converter optics will witness correction actions for the zoom at full wide and for wide converters as well.

Nikon Coolpix eBook Actions include 950, 990, 995, 4500, 775, 5000, 5400, 5700 iBC Actions. More will be added for coming Coolpix cameras featured.

Sony Advanced Cyber-shot eBook Actions include the 7x7, V1 and 828 iBC actions.

DSLR: Nikon D70 eBook Actions include the Kit Lens (18-70), 28-200G, 12-24, 24-120VR and Fisheye 10.5DX.

DSLR: Canon Digital Rebel eBook Actions include the Kit Lens (18-55) and several Sigma optics.

DSLR Canon Rebel XT added nifty new actions.

DSLR Canon EOS 20D added even more.

DSLR Nikon D200 adds some that only work with PS CS2.

DSLR Nikon D80 adds some new graphic Actions that only mirror D80 features. In general, if an Action works for the D200 or D80, it will work for the other camera.

-iNova 2006

You get more than one demo in this image. Not only are the before and after barrel correction images here, but notice the added warmth in the final version.

One quick click of the iCFSlightlyWarmer Action and the image looks more color-decent, too.

The white crop lines in the corrected image show where the limits of the image end up after the barrel distortion is removed. Underneath, the original still remains in this example, so you can see that only the corners of the original get trimmed.

As for the subject matter for this image?

Well, suffice to say that Hollywood is brutal to the people that edit its images. But, at least when Hollywood uses you up completely and throws away the empty shell of your former self, it leaves your sunglasses intact so whatever is left of you still looks cool.

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