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iNovaFX Film Borders
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Download the New iNovaFX Film Borders?

No need. This promotion was for owners of the Nikon eBook Version 3 who didn't have the film borders in their eBook. Everybody since has them, meaning that if you got V4, V5, V6 or the Sony eBook, your action-packed pack of Actions includes one called iFilmBorders.atn, and there they all are! Remember to alter the type along the borders, customizing the information to your own images and © notice.

Check the iNovaFX chapter in your eBook to get started with them.

As an owner of the eBook, you get to have all 10 of them all for free.

Other visitors to this page are encouraged to get the eBook (whichever is most appropriate) for themselves and complete their Nikon / Sony education with its text and iNovaFX filters. Order one today.