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Coat pocket small, image quality equal to the DSC-F717, the DSC-V1 promises a lot. It's not the primary camera for a pro, but as a backup, an easy carry, a never-leave-in-the-luggage camera, it earned a place in my heart. Oh, if only it had a swivel monitor. Oh, if only it had a wider zoom. Oh, if only it had something like Nikon's BSS for low-light shooting. Is there a V2 on the drawing boards?

The V1 brought me many memorable images and was always on my belt when other cameras were left behind. Here's a sample:

The 4:1 zoom of the V1 gives it quite a good range. Equal to 35 mm to 140 mm on a 35mm film camera. And it is sharp over the whole range.

The Sony Center in Berlin is one of today's architectural marvels. It's crowned with a super-tech awning that suggests cities of the future. Which it is.





After a hard day of street theater at the Sony Center, can you guess which side of him was facing the sun?

My Calvin Klein Ad:

This image used the new iCiba iNovaFX Action for the super saturated, extra contrast look. The original file shows every thread on the model's trousers. Or was he just a passer-by?

Conclusions: The Sony DSC-V1 delivers images the equal to the images from the DSC-F717 from a package smaller than that camera's swivel module. Its self-capping lens takes a while to deploy, but once on station it produces superior results in all departments.

Sharpness, dynamic range, noise, accurate focus with zero light to full sun, manual settings in 1/3 stop increments and even full VGA video (not used but worth a mention) are at your fingertips.

The camera's size is right for travel but it lacks the swivel screen feature found in one way or another on the other three out of four. I would not use this camera without a strap or--in my case--a split key ring "finger strap," because its satin finish is slippery to dry fingers. Like the others, you could live with this as your primary travel camera, but if you do, buy extra batteries before you go.

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