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HDSLR: The Billion Things You Need to Know to Make Your Camera Shoot Movies
Interactive eBook on DVD with over 120 HD movies embedded in its 160 pages.

Here is the HDSLR volume for the rest of us.

Drawing on a lifelong career that included still photography, cinematography in 35mm, exotic HD videography, patents in advanced forms of video display and a shelf full of eBooks about digital photography, author Peter iNova turned his focus to the whole new universe of HDSLR cinephotography.

HDSLR is the name of the book this time, and it's not about just one camera—it's about all of them. Including chapters on the tech and principles of HDSLR cinematography, plus chapters that would make no sense at all to still photographers.

Sure, that HDSLR is a great DSLR, but the H stands for HD movie files, and the camera behaves nothing like a simple HD camcorder. How you approach the camera--and shooting moving images with it--is very different from still photography.

Here readers discover the five things every moving image shot MUST HAVE. And only 4.5 of them are things you can recover from by using the techniques found in the eBook. Learn how to absolutely, positively avoid that which cannot be allowed!

Readers also discover:

  • How to think in story terms as you shoot.
  • How to find the shot that begins the story.
  • How to find the shot that caps the story.
  • How to implement the 18 types of shot (and three optionals) to make the middle of the story.
  • How to perform exotic re-stablization repairs to HD scenes for under $80.
  • How to perform exotic format-changing adjustments to scenes larger than HD for less than $30.
  • How to perform everything you would ever see in a major motion picture for less than $1000.
  • How to shoot at f/1.4 using 1/30 sec shutter speed in noon daylight at ISO 200.
  • How to shoot images that are rock solid.
  • How to shoot ultra smooth, ultra slow motion, even though your camera only delivers 30 fps.
  • What the accessory gear is that you should be considering.
  • What the accessory gear is that you absolutely must have.
  • What's a cinephotographer.

And much more...

Included inside the DVD are special iNovaFX Photoshop Actions for the Photoshop Extended program (PSx). This version of Photoshop costs more, and is the only one that works with movie files. Actions are included that repair files with flicker, add custom grad filters to your scenic shots and control the zone of focus on screen.

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HDSLR: Nikon™ D90

This is big. Really BIG.

The Nikon D90 is the first DSLR with high definition cine capture. Shots can be made with it that rival scenes in a 35mm movie.

It's such a Big Deal that we coined a new term for this kind of camera. No longer a DSLR, its an HDSLR, and it can teach you how to become a cinematographer.

Stanley Kubric started as a still photographer and he would have traded body parts to work with this camera. Here are all the ins and outs. Do's and definitely Do Not's. All the unexpected joys and avoidable sorrows that the D90 potentially contains.

Every switch, knob and menu item is explored in depth. Every secret they are hiding is rooted out and shown in the light of day.

The camera is such a breath of fresh air that it took us 9 months to find out all its secrets. And we are real good at digging.

Can you shoot movies that look better than all the demos you may have seen? Yep. There's a secret way to tweak the Picture Control for HQ movies.

Can you shoot movies in near zero light with it? You can if you have an extra $100 in your credit card. We show you the lenses that inhale photons the quickest.

Can you fly the camera on a Steadicam? Yes, and we will show you exactly what that looks and feels like. Then we will take it to the next level! (There's a next level? Aye! Think: Hello, dolly.)

Can you fix scenes that jump in brightness? Yeah, but it's not one of those All-You-Have-To-Do-Is kind of things. If you have the right kind of Photoshop, we can automate it for you, though...

Can you cap a motion scene with a still image? See how.

Can you learn more from this eBook than is contained in all the other D90 books, combined? You sure can. It's all in here with scores of embedded movie examples, interactive images, fast moving pages and three volumes of complete coverage from Aperture to Zoom.

HDSLR: Nikon D90. 1152 pages with thousands of images in three volumes. On DVD, reading at top speed by both Windows and Mac platforms. Including over 600 iNovaFX Photoshop Actions plus the iFlickerFixer Action hinted at above.


DSLR: Nikon™ D300

An immense resource for enthusiast and professional photographers who use Nikon's outstanding 12MP D300 super-DSLR.

A three-volume set of eBooks. In addition to the title volume, the complete ACTIONS! eBook and Uwe Steinmueller's RAW Materials volume are included. 1176 pages of solid information, digital photo printing, special effects, problem solving techniques, mind-expanding assignments, interactive images, embedded movies and digital photographic secrets found nowhere else.

Available only on a 2 GB USB Flash Drive so the eBooks don't have to be installed, it includes all 611 iNovaFX original Photoshop Actions (PS 7 through CS3/CS4) plus example and practice image files, demo software and more.

Worldwide customers include law enforcement, designers, students and photo professionals. The books of the DSLR series were planned from the beginning to be the highest value resource for one's D300, bringing insights, history, technology, understanding and revelations to each photographer regardless of their initial level of proficiency.

As with all the eBook titles, DSLR: Nikon D300 is packed with things you knew, things you never knew, things you won't believe until you try them yourself and things you dare not do. From the wonders to the gotchas, this eBook holds back nothing.

New for 2010: D300S section now included for D-Movie shooters.

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skyscraper d300 More to come.

Lights... Digital Camera... ACTIONS!

An eBook for all 6MP through 16+MP cameras! (Not a DSLR-series title.)

This is a set of over 600 iNovaFX Photoshop Actions that all work on any size image in any aspect ratio. Some are to correct image problems, but most are to enhance, improve or transform images into a new level of interest. Some work by converting photos into realistic art-media results (paintings, watercolors, airbrush, etc.), and other by adding digital darkroom techniques that only the most sophisticated film darkrooms could aspire to in the past.

Where days of specialized image treatment and photographic effects preparation have achieved results for advertising, photo illustration and exotic interpretive techniques, the iNovaFX Actions all produce their results quickly, and with stages of interaction that allows for customization.

The iLiner series, for instance, presents eight variations in five categories of graphic interpretation that no film darkroom could ever have produced, but which viewers appreciate intuitively. The example at left reveals three different versions of image interpretation. Roll over and click to see variations.

In the eBook, rolling the mouse cursor over and clicking on an image is the standard way of seeing before/after/variations of most examples.

Perfect for DSLR images, they'll accommodate APS-C, DX, FX, Four-Thirds, pocket camera images and all those images from the past.

You can see some examples here.

Banners for affiliates will become available March 1, 2008.

Images in this section are up to 400% larger than viewed on this page. Open them in a new window to capture them for articles or announcements.

Press Release:

February 1, 2008. For immediate release:

Lights... Digital Camera... ACTIONS! delivers over 600 original iNovaFX Photoshop Actions and a 248-page interactive eBook into the hands of photographers who want to take their images to the next level. And the one after that.

This is author Peter iNova's tenth digital photography eBook since 2000. His recent DSLR-series with coauthor Uwe Steinmueller includes three Canon and four Nikon titles. Prior eBooks have traditionally included a repertoire of customized iNovaFX Actions.

"This is a new work from the ground up," said iNova, " and all of these Photoshop Actions are for digital images 6MP and larger. Each brings a special treatment to the image that will correct, enhance or transform the shot."

Photoshop Actions are procedural programs that automate all of the features of Photoshop to achieve a desired result. They launch with a single click of the mouse button and work automatically, stopping only for user's customizing touches.

ACTIONS! eBook users load the iNovaFX Actions into their copy of Photoshop 7, CS, CS2, CS3 or CS4 and can immediately start creating a huge range of effects, corrections, enhancements and transformations. A user can quickly convert any image into convincing oil paintings, airbrush art, watercolors, wood block prints, graphic cartoons and outrageous abstracts.

"Loading the Actions into Photoshop is a snap. We have organized them into several categories," said iNova, "Some fix things like barrel distortion and incorrect white balance. Others transform the image into dozens of forms of artwork.

"Some format the images into unique display treatments for printing or photographic illustration. Others treat the image in ways that have never before been seen.

"Check out the iButterfly Action that transforms any image—a portrait, perhaps—into a graphic butterfly. Kids get it right away. 'Can you do that with MY picture?'"

Some of the iNovaFX Actions amplify Photoshop's own Filters. Over a hundred embellish the central concept into new significance, as with the Extrude filter, which is almost never applied by Photoshop users.

One of the iNovaFX Actions, iExtrudeSpikes, turns any image into a wall sculpture bristling outward from the page.

Some of the Actions work their magic with just a few steps. Most have several dozen discrete operations, and a few have over two hundred precise steps as they work through complex image transformations.

An entire series is dedicated to formatting images into faux film frames. Roll film rectangles and squares are joined by 35mm single frames and film strips, plus 4x5 sheet film frames. One adds a common artifact, seen only on roll film; edge fog.

"One of my favorites is the iShatter-series," said iNova, "and these don't alter the image directly, but add a broken layer of glass above the picture.

"One looks like you dropped the frame, another looks like someone punched the image in the face (it wasn't Memorex). I applied one to a macro shot of a $50 bill and called the print, 'Can You Break a Fifty?'"

The new eBook rises above iNova's eight-year tradition of releasing titles on CD. The new title is available in a Premium Edition on a fast 1GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive.

"This new medium gives the user several advantages," said iNova. "You can keep hundreds of megabytes of images with you on the flash drive along with the instantly-reading eBook and all the Actions. Just plug it into the USB port of any Windows or Mac computer and fire up the eBook. No installation is required."

Nearly all the images on the eBook are interactive. Roll the mouse cursor over the shot and it changes into an alternate version. A/B comparisons are in-register.

Some are up to ten images deep!

Image resolution is exceptionally high. Images may be inspected on-screen at up to 400% magnification without stretching pixels.

Lights... Digital Camera... ACTIONS! is available from GM Books at

The CD Standard Edition is $64 and the USB Thumb Drive Premium Edition is $69. All viewing software, special images and extras are included in both versions. Windows XP, Vista, Mac Tiger and Mac Leopard compatible.

Contact Peter iNova through for interviews, promotions or higher resolution images. Reviewers, please include references and we will send you a copy for review

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Banner 160 x 240 gif:


Story behind the cover image:

The cover illustration on DSLR: Nikon D40/D40x is not a reflection. It's two different cameras!

The D40x is on top while the D40 plays the part of its reflection, below. Two separate photographs of the cameras were carefully shot from slightly different angles. The D40 image was flipped vertically and married to the D40x image with a little Photoshop magic. Note that the parallax of the lens is different in the two images. In a way, the camera has landed on itself. Both cameras are nearly identical. The last page (4-320) of the Camera Operations Chapter in the eBook lists all the differences I could find between the two cameras, many more than Nikon mentions.

Journalists, bloggers and magazine writers can obtain a review copy by request. Drop a note to and we will send it to you immediately

Banners for D200/D80/D70. Winter, 2006-2007.

728 x 90:

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      120 x 140:

160 x 600:     140 x 600:   120 x 600:

D200 eBook covers. Art is actual size here and may be lifted directly from this group.

D80 eBook Covers and clip art:


eBook page design is inviting, easy to read and optimized for reader enjoyment.

Many images are interactive. On this page, rolling one's computer mouse or pointer over the top image causes the view to zoom 11 X into the far statue, showing off the Nikkor 18-200mm Zoom lens's amazing range.

Pages of the eBook fit the horizontal screen of computers and laptops and may be printed on ink-jet and laser printers by the user. Images may universally be blown up to 200% scale in Adobe Reader (included for Mac and Windows platforms) and most can be blown up to 400% scale for tight, critical review.

That's like holding a printed book about four inches from one's nose. In other words, the images here are far sharper and more detailed than any printed book.

Overdone original as shot...................................Fantasy tinged iHalcyon treated image

D200 Fly Macro cropped image processed with one of the iHalcyon iNovaFX Photoshop Actions creating this complex image-muting darkroom effect on the right. Compare with original at left (shot with More Vivid image optimization).

The image looks normal. But it contains, and better yet--controls, highlights that are 1600% brighter than what the best JPEG can reproduce from any digital camera.

This image is quite literally beyond the tonal dynamics of a film negative (!) and lies far beyond the realm of tonalities achieved by any transparency film ever made. Yet it looks perfectly natural and reasonable here. As it does to the eye when one walks around it. It's a brushed stainless steel building and its highlights are extreme, especially at dawn, as seen here.
(Disney Concert Hall by Frank Gehry. Los Angeles.)

Not only that, but RAW images, which have about 300% better highlight handling characteristics than JPEGs, can't even approach this casually correct-looking image. It's even 500+% above RAW image tonal dynamics.

Not even Photoshop's HDR technique could handle this situation. Here's a whole page about the technique and iNovaFX Actions (iDRv3-series) that complete the picture.

D200 image. But at what scale was the original subject? It looks like a toy truck, but the original shot was of a full-size vehicle. The iNovaFX Photoshop Action "iToy" was used to create the illusion. This Action requires extra skills from the photographer, allowing him or her to direct the area of apparent sharp focus with an airbrush. The extra skill places this Action in the Advanced Effect category.

Image is larger than its display size here.

Each iNovaFX Action represents a complex digital darkroom process that expands the complexity of what photographers can achieve. Here, the iBCFisheye10-series Actions (iNovaFX Barrel Correction for Nikkor 10.5mm fisheye frames) turn full-frame fisheye images such as the one directly from the camera, left, into extraordinary hyper-wide-angle images with straight line perspective.

These function with Photoshop 6 and higher and a series of six variations are included in the DSLR: Nikon D200 eBook.

Visual effects play a major role in professional photographic illustration these days. Much of the Nikon D200 eBook reveals professional contemporary techniques. A 34-page Digital Visions Gallery covers a wide range of D200 images and techniques.

DSLR: Nikon D200 is not affiliated with Nikon Inc. in any way, nor have they had any input to its editorial content. Except that they have been helpful in answering questions as the eBook was being produced. That said, we have included a huge, 18-page review of the best Nikkor lenses with recommendations for and against their use with the D200. Current Internet-researched prices are included and there are some surprising values to be found.

While the math and sciences of digital photography may not be everybody's cup of tea, professionals and dedicated enthusiasts will be glad to see that the DSLR: Nikon D200 eBook doesn't skimp on the hard lessons.

Here are some of the pages from the Depth Of Field area. Other tough subjects include absolute resolution and compression comparisons, photon behavior and how understanding that lets you analyze what you are creating. Included are advanced SB-800/600 flash techniques, which even Nikon didn't know the gear would--or could-- accomplish and lens options that nobody even dreamed were possible.

Here's an example. Nobody --not any of the DSLR reviewers, not any author of any publication, not even Nikon's top people-- knew that a Nikon fisheye lens from the past could adapt to the D200 making a full circle, 184-degree image. Yet here they are, and the eBook reveals how to adapt the Nikon optics to make them. See this page for more downloadable images.

(Image is larger than reproduced on this page.)

Two iNovaFX Actions at once (available in the Lights... Digital Camera... ACTIONS! eBook, too). The circular iHaloCS2 effect (CS2 or greater) on the image plus the iFilmBorder35 effect with titles generated in Photoshop (any version from PS 6 through PS CS4 and the coming CS5).

The border is generated numerically and dimensionally exact. Finished images are over 4200 pixels wide and contain the full resolution Large Frame from the D200. Shadow, background color, text content and density are all editable when the Action is run.

An alternate 35mm iFilmBorder35 cuts the film between sprocket holes. Note that as this image was being generated, text density was deepened for effect. Control of many image and presentation aspects is left up to the photographer's taste.

Images here are wedded to a background gray of 68% to produce a completely seamless floating effect on this web page panel.

D200 being used with three slave flash units. One filtered green, another red, and the one behind the vase was left clear. A pulse of camera flash triggered all three, but where did its own light go? It has been subtracted, instantly, from participating in the shot. This invisible, wireless flash effect is achievable with any Advanced Lighting System Nikon that has a self-contained flash unit.

A special technique pioneered by Peter iNova has turned the camera into a wireless and invisible transmitter, synchronizing one expensive and two very inexpensive remote flash units (the two can be bought for under $20 apiece) all in the same instant. In order to do this you need to be armed with a bit of know-how and a pattern for cutting and bending a piece of black slide film which is now fitted to the camera in about four seconds. Total cost, including your time: 50 cents.

How to do it? How to make it? How to fit it? How to use it? It's all in the eBook.


Other eBooks in the DSLR -series cover recent popular cameras. Art here is of various sizes. (Open in New Window)

One purchaser reviewed his acquisition thus: "It has doubled the value of my camera."

Complete series currently includes:

  • HDSLR: Nikon D90
  • DSLR: Nikon D300
  • DSLR: Nikon D200
  • DSLR: Nikon D80
  • DSLR: Nikon D70

The Canon titles are no longer being duplicated. If you wish to purchase any from stock on hand, contact the publisher.

  • DSLR: Canon Digital Rebel
  • DSLR: Canon Rebel XT
  • DSLR: Canon EOS 20D

In production:

  • DSLR: Nikon D40
Clip art:

In the D200 eBook package are the eBook CD with High resolution and Ultra resolution eBook files. Each contains the whole main eBook but at 200% and 400% enlargement scales. The 200% version is for speed and the Ultra, 400% version is for ultimate detail.

The 624 iNovaFX Actions are in 77 folders arranged by function.

An 8-page full color booklet provides some initial instruction in shooting for later special effects and iNovaFX manipulations

The cover inverts and becomes a handy color test chart with gray and chroma patches. It's flip side includes the white balance, in-camera, color filter targets. To understand that last idea, you'd have to read the eBook or the enclosed booklet.

The eBook's removable cover flips over to display this handy gray scale and color chip cart which can be used to approximate camera performance evaluations.

DSLR: Nikon D200 clip art with cover image from eBook.

For the D200, they passed the 620 mark and eBook owners are given a special secret Internet page for new concepts, Action revisions and special techniques that have evolved since the eBook was finished.

The iNovaFX Photoshop Actions are all completely original and available nowhere else but in our eBooks.

Cross star images are like a haircut. You can't go back. What if you could "dial" them in... later?

One series of iNovaFX Actions produce cross star filter effects that the photographer may control to precise degrees. A reversible haircut for images.

Extra Editorial Background Data:

The DSLR series of eBooks was born of a necessity. The majority of photography books are basics, expansions on manuals, dry, procedural, technical and generalized. As a group, they don't give you the understanding and immediate tools to better your images with your particular camera and lens, highlighting the unique opportunities, qualities, controls, menu items and synergistic combinations that were there for you, if only you had known.

What we really need is a knowledgable friend looking over our shoulders as we shoot, advising, chiding, challenging and bantering in creative ways, but after some research, we found that providing this as a service would be cost-prohibitive. So we made digital photography's first eBooks. It all started in 2000. Since then, readers have gone through the roof with complements.

"eBook = eWOW!" posted one reader who will be equally remembered for his brevity and accuracy. "I cannot recall a product that has been released to the digital photography market with such unanimous acclaim," chimed in an early forum moderator. Beginners and experienced photographers alike have held our eBooks up to continuous acclamation.

But enough of this puff. It's nice to be recognized, but the real story is in the reading.

Photography can be technical. Pixels and photons, hyperfocal distance and guide numbers. It's enough to make you scream. But all that stuff is worth knowing about -- or skimming through -- so we make sure it's in there in a form that is easy to digest, or dig into if you feel like a meal. Animated examples, interactive illustrations and embedded movies bring the most opaque subjects into clarity. We feel it's our job to lift your eyebrows with interesting things on every page.

Amplify Your Images

The fun subjects are in there, too. How to get away with all sorts of things. Wireless invisible slave triggering for 50 cents, for instance. What lens to buy and what lens to avoid. How to amplify your images. Like this one from the Nikon D80:

Sure, it's a sweet image, but who would guess that it's not a studio shot, but a journalistic car-show image captured with minimal preparation and processed through one of the iNovaFX Photoshop Actions that are included with every eBook at the Action's default settings.

Actions are macros that let you apply dozens or scores of precise Photoshop manipulations to an image and the latest D80 eBook includes over 630 of them, all original, many custom to the camera and its optics. The process here is called iHalcyonMixed. Halcyon for the idyllically happy, graceful visual effect. Three other iHalcyon Actions are among the ones included.

The DSLR eBooks target specific cameras. Canon and Nikon titles tackle six models at this hour (January, 2007) and every one of them show you how much more there is under the hood of your particular camera than the manufacturer told you in the Instruction Book. More eBooks are in production.

DSLR: Nikon D200 is the fifth in the DSLR -series of eBooks by Peter iNova and Uwe Steinmueller. It is 632 pages of deep information on digital photography and especially the Nikon D200 camera from exploratory, historical, scientific, technological, artistic and experiential points of view.

DSLR: Nikon D80 is number six in the DSLR -series, demonstrating how versatile and capable this camera can be. With a few pages more than the D200 eBook, it includes all the topics and special extras from previous volumes plus the evolved information that owners will appreciate.

Prior titles cover the first sub-$1,000 DSLR, the Canon Digital Rebel (EOS 300D) which turns out to be way more capable than folks first thought. Canon Rebel XT (EOS 350D) and Canon 20D followed. The Nikon D70 volume, which was first in the series, has trained over ten thousand photographers and continues to sell well to photographers who purchase these cameras used.

Each, being an eBook, is read on a computer, but ranges of pages may be printed out by owners for convenience. Tables and charts, for instance, often are bounded by dotted lines, urging the owner to print and clip the data as notes for one's camera bag.

By reading it on the computer, the photographer can instantly try the thousands of concepts embodied in the eBook by simply clicking into an editing program running on the same computer.

Images in the eBook take full advantage of the interactive possibilities contained within the advanced features of Adobe PDF files. Images may, for instance, be scaled up to 400% of normal viewing size in order to inspect and/or appreciate differences of detail, quality and visual comparisons. A huge number of images are interactive, allowing cursor rollover and click effects to occur. This makes numerous animations, A/B-comparisons and sequential in-place correlations easy to see. In several places embedded large-scale movies illustrate concepts that are more complex. Time-lapse images taken with the D200's expansive continuous frame mode and built-in intervalometer spring to life with a single mouse click.

Photographers who desire to understand deep technical concepts will find them. Photographers who want to know when and why to implement any camera feature will find it here in a context of image gathering. Unlike the camera Instruction Manual, the eBook is constantly connecting the dots between features, controls, image gathering, composition, framing and the larger universe of digital image finishing and printing.

Chapters for basic Photoshop, more advanced Photoshop, problem solving, visual effects, printing, camera and visualization practice are included. An entire separate volume of information, RAW Materials, from Uwe Steinmueller (digital photography's leading RAW image expert) is included. Information in the D80 / D200 volumes include Apple's Aperture and Adobe's Lightroom as well as a number of RAW image interpreters and how to get the best from them.

Every eBook works completely identically on both Windows and Macintosh platforms and includes simple, advanced and highly professional instruction written in an entertaining but concept-heavy manner. One major purpose of the eBook is to improve the reader's skills. In order to do that in an entertaining manner high production values, interactive surprises, dramatic presentation and over 2000 images (D80 / D200 volumes) are employed to make the core concepts interesting and easy to absorb.

DSLR-series eBooks cost $49.95 and readers recognize that's a bargain. Our instructional approach is rewarding, logical, fun and challenging all at once. We have designed these volumes to be read in or out of order. Adobe Viewer's latest version is included along with some interesting demo software we feel will be of value to photographers.

Reader reviews since the beginning have borne out the value of this series and the titles that preceded it. Here are two, verbatim:

"Three weeks ago I bought myself a D200 -- and one week ago I ordered your D200 eBook. I have now poured over it for a whole weekend, and just wanted to quickly compliment you for this truly excellent product!

"I have learned a LOT from you in this work and I will certainly return to it now and then for refresher courses.

"I'm a graphic designer and commercial artist by profession (I "live" in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator) so I can really appreciate how you have used the PDF eBook format's many neat possibilities."

--Klaus Nordby

"I enjoy Peter's upbeat style of writing, hard to stop reading once you start. The book is loaded with wisdom, examples, experiments, and software.

"No, it doesn't cover everything you could think of, it covers more than you could think of. It should keep you busy for many many months. Excellent value for the money.

"The RAW workflow addendum by Uwe is also great. If you only are able to use 1/3 rd of this eBook it's still worth the price."

--Warren Flarity

The beauty of the book is that as one scrolls through the pages using Adobe Acrobat Reader, the photographs come alive and everything is interactive. For example, when he lists the different mode settings, one only has to move the computer mouse over the image for the effects to be immediately shown. It’s something that could not be demonstrated as effectively in a printed book. Each entry in the index is clickable, so one can go to the page in question immediately, and naturally, the links to relevant websites are also clickable.

Although the book is aimed at the enthusiast rather than the pro photographer, there is still plenty of information to garner from the book as iNova, with co-author Uwe Steinmueller, delves into the camera’s capabilities and foibles in minute detail.

Aside from not being able to read this book in areas where it’s not possible to use a computer, this eBook offers much greater value than an equivalent printed book.

--Rangefinder Magazine, November, 2006

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Author Peter iNova is experienced in radio interviews and may be contacted for additional special visual materials.

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