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Holiday 2002 Shipping!



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If we could just instantly put these eBooks into your hands, we would.

Barring that, there are the delivery methods that actually work.

 Quick! Avoid the Rush.

It's no fun getting a present a day too late. Well, sure there is. But not as much.

So to help you plow through the Holiday Season we offer some help in the shipping department.

Starting right now (November 31, or is it December already?), we are making sure that all orders go out with a minimum of First Class USPS postage. That should blast past the "Media Mail" delivery slowdowns that the post office is extra famous for about this time of the year.

All delivery methods will get either title to you well before the Christmas deadline if you order before December 17.

Priority mail should be entertained as a delivery method if you need it within the week when postal deliveries get clogged. Think December 17 onward.

Overnight delivery should be exercised as a last resort when you simply forgot to put the order in early enough. This might work for you right up to Sunday the 22nd, but try not to pin your hopes on it. The good news is, these DO deliver even on Christmas day.

These delivery options are all available on the order pages.

Get the eBook. We have a secure order page that will allow previous eBook owners to upgrade for low cost, too. Or you can call direct and order from the publisher by phone or FAX.
Phone:(310) 475 2988 (M-F 9-5 Pacific Time)  
FAX (310) 475 9486 (24hrs).

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