What your camera needs to know to make your pictures click!

Teach your camera how to capture what you see and what you feel. Reveal its hidden talents. Divulge its secrets. Then show its images to all who look.

With the eBook in hand as your guide, you can show your camera what to kiss and when.

Turn your camera into the photographic hot new kid on the block. Learning how to shoot great images means leaving your amateur status behind and walking in the footsteps of professionals, but the big news is that our eBook makes it a whole lot of fun and makes you a much cooler photographer.

DSLR: Nikon D40 / D40x eBook.
Deep lessons in...


Knowing where to cast your gaze and direct your camera.

See how to include the scenic elements and how to compose the image by moving your actors, props and backdrops or by moving your camera to a better place.

Managing limits:

How to manage the camera's memory for the best-looking --and greatest number of -- shots captured on location.

Story telling:

Assignments that turn you loose in the real world with the goal of finding and capturing the personality aspects of specific subjects.

Training in lifting your inner photographic guru to on-board advisor status as you shoot.

Tweaking the Gear:

Detailed pointers on every button, control and menu item that move you to the things you need -- and the things you need to avoid -- for the current photographic situation.

As you expand your system you will want to know the lenses and accessories that are desirable, the ones that are must-have and the items to-be-avoided. Many revelations await the inquisitive photographer.


Get a grip on flash and ambient lighting techniques to illuminate your visions. Learn how to use the world's smartest flash system offered only by Nikon.

Production Problem Solving:

From the simple to the obscure--132 pages in two chapters covering photographic problems and frequently asked questions that could trip you up. But now, won't.

Amplifying Your Images:

Learn how to complete your images, amplifying them into photographs that stand out. See how to fix, change, improve, balance and trim your images into shots that can help you earn awards.

iMAX Your Camera:

Go beyond shooting images with your camera's 6MP or 10MP imaging chip.

Learn how to shoot 26MP and 45MP images with the same camera. It's easy to shoot pictures that have pixel dimensions of 6000 x 4000 and larger when you know what to do and what to avoid.

The first one will take some effort but the fifth one will be a piece of cake.

Of course, you'll need mural-sized printers to output your results. And we show how to get that from your desktop printer, too.

Visual Effects:

Make images glow with life. Rollover image to see the underexposed D40 camera original.

What the world used to think of as Special Effects has now become the expanding world of Visual Effects, and your images are the starting places for an enormous range of exceptional treatments.

You can even turn your color shots into convincing B&W infrared images. This one started life as a full color image (rollover). A host of special B&W treatments will be at your fingertips.

Hard Copy:

Printing concepts are explored, which help you generate great looking photos from 8 x 10 to poster size, so the whole world can experience your images with maximum impact.

Post Production Techniques:

The 661 included iNovaFX Photoshop Actions bring effects, abilities and completion to many of your images. You will need Big Photoshop to use all of these, but they expand your photographic prowess in major ways:


Learn how to strip a decade off the images of your actors in a single click.

Optical Effects:

Things that glass filters or special lenses used to do can now be achieved with a click of your mouse. Crosstar filters, halo effects and even the fantasy world of exotic optics are yours to apply to any photo. (Touch your mouse to that shot on the right.)

Printing Preparation:

Treat your images for exotic color and monochrome printing looks. You can achieve much more in the digital darkroom than wet darkrooms ever could, and the print you make today will be identical to the one you make a year --or decade-- from now.


Images you might think were lost through incorrect or insufficient camera settings can often be brought back from the brink of death with Actions that fix the flaws. Wrong white balance? Oops. Piece of cake to fix.

Expanded Capabilities:

You may THINK your D40 or D40x lacks a few features the Pro Nikons have, but knowledge can deliver photographic experiences that go way beyond perceived limitations--

  • Dynamics: Shoot images with over 1600% of the dynamic range of your camera. Howzat? See this page for more detailed info.

  • Motion: Shoot precision time-lapse movie scenes with your camera, a $16 accessory and your iPod. Your iPod??? Yes, but no shuffling...

  • Scope: Shoot panoramics the equal of those from the best cameras. This one was made from three panels shot with the D40 and is 5740 x 1829 pixels large in its original.

    Hand held! No tripod! Is there a trick to it? Isn't there always? You can do this anywhere, any time, once you learn how.

  • Art: Make your shots into art that looks drawn, painted and crafted by hand.

  • Technical correctness: Iron out the geometry distortion present in all zoom lenses. Special Actions fix most settings of Nikkor zooms that show barrel or pincushion distortion. A must for stitched images like panoramics and iMAX assemblies.

  • Collections: Pull 4 or 16 different shots together for a single page print-out. Make a story sequence out of your shots.

  • Movie Looks: Make your shots look like scenes lifted from high-concept motion picture treatments from The Aviator, Sin City and/or Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Cause your audience of viewers to ask over and over, "How DID you do that???"

Plus the Famous InfoBites

Sprinkled throughout the eBook are over 1300 distinct photographic and operational tips marked by the purple InfoBite mark. These are the pointers, interesting side-notes, pithy comments and amazing factoids that whisper in your ear as you make photographic decisions for every feature and situation.

When is the eBook Available?

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All software for viewing on Windows XP, Vista, Mac and Intel Mac computers is included.

All 661 original, exclusive, custom iNovaFX Photoshop Actions are included for PS 6 through CS3.

Techniques for Photoshop Elements are presented in a separate dedicated chapter.

Hundreds of interactive images, animations and hyperlinks appear throughout the eBook.

DSLR: Nikon D40 / D40x eBook on CD. 1013 letter pages big. Interactive images throughout. 1384 InfoBites throughout. Dedicated chapter on Photoshop Elements techniques. Interactive Index. Interactive Appendix. Links, hyperlinks and animations await your mouse click. Over 3000 images.

Two volumes including Uwe Steinmueller's deeply helpful RAW Materials--210 pages dedicated to expanding your use of Nikon NEF files.

Image magnification on the page up to 400%. Page printing enabled. Also contains several hand-picked Demo and Tryout software programs including Nikon Capture NX 30-day fully functioning Tryout.

$49.95 Complete plus delivery.