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Note: this fix
seems to be
effective only
for PS 6/7 and
not for PS CS.

If you have a
that enables
PS CS to run
Actions made
on an English
version to run
on other
versions, please let us know.

iNovaFX all over the World!

Want to run iNovaFX Photoshop Action Filters on your Chinese, German, French or Spanish version of Photoshop?

Who dreamed this up? Photoshop Actions need to be written in the language of your local Photoshop.

Exqueeze me???

It's all because as an action works its way among calls to various functions, or creates layers, channels or files along the way, the terminology is different in every language.

Darn. Can nothing be done?

A very kind reader on the Adobe Forums, Marius Koenig, has found a potential work-around. In his own words:

(Q: How can my customers use iNovaFX Photoshop Actions in their local versions of Photoshop?)

Well, I believe you really don't have a chance to make actions running on all language versions. Unfortunately, the action commands are saved in the local language.

But, maybe your customers have a chance to make their versions compatible with actions produced on a US version of PS 6/7. I don't know whether this trick is legal, but you can easily "convert" a custumized version of PS back to the US version:

1) make a copy of the PS folder (never do such things with your original!)

2) on a Win PC, open the PS folder, then open the folder "Required".

on a Mac, ctrl-klick on the PS program icon and choose "show package content" (maybe the correct command is different, I have a german version...). Open the contents-folder, then open the Required-folder.

3) on both platforms there must be a file called "tw10428.dat" (this is the file name of the german version, maybe the ones of other languages have other names similar to that...). This file is a simple text file (you can take a look at it with teachtext..) containing the translation table for the foreign country version.

4) Just drag this file out of the Required-folder and restart PS. Ignore the error messages (PS expects now default setting files with other names).

5) Now you have a native US version, and your actions should run...

Might be a little difficult for your customers but I don't know any other way... hope I could help...


Marius, you da man!

Thanks. I hope it helps people.


PS: Hey, Adobe: How about a Universal Translator?






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