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Dedicated to bringing high quality information, instruction, and experience to the emerging world of digital photography, SDP covers the globe with Internet, eBook, and retail products. Buy some today.


Our premiere product is the highly acclaimed eBooks on CD, DSLR -series.

They each explore a specific camera, digging out its secrets, options, opportunities and hidden traits. And every one of them contains things most users never knew were hiding in there.

Very often, the manufacturers top tech people, PR people and even Product Managers find out new things about their own machines from our publications.

Obviously much more than a simple books these electronic books are highly interactive and focus on bringing you into a new level of photographic experience.

The old adage of Give a man a fish and he eats for a day--but teach a man to fish and he feeds his family for a lifetime, applies here. But we give you not only the knowledge, but the fishing tackle, hooks, lines, sinkers, bait and fishing boat. Included with every eBook is a HUGE number of iNovaFX Photoshop Actions--procedural macros that turn your images into more than you might have anticipated.

Amplify Your Images

It's not just a catchy slogan. It's a way of approaching photography. Just as electronic cameras amplify your experience of photography our eBooks and included tools amplify your pictures into new expressions. Here's one, now:

Rollover this image with your mouse. There's the original exposure. Wha'ts happening here is one of the iNovaFX Photoshop Actions in the iHalcyon series. Hundreds of these are included with every title. Many fix things invisibly. Many convert images into new forms that no wet darkroom could ever achieve. All are original. Many are camera and/or lens specific. Below is a page from the Visual Effects chapter that explores some of them.

DSLR Series

Shipping now, seven titles for eight individual cameras*. Nikon and Canon models represented, but not all of them. Why make these so camera-specific? Surely that leaves out a number of products!

Sadly, that's true. So many cameras; so little time.

Nobody has produced a generic DSLR, and we concentrate on what each machine can achieve for real. Examples, specific techniques and interactive comparisons show you exactly what to expect from machines that are as unique as people. Each is its own electro-mechanical personality and we psycho-analyze each one so you will know what to expect, and how to cajole the best image from each covered model.

*The Nikon D40 and D40x are so alike, they are in one eBook.