The Sony eBook V2 is available NOW.
No more Version 1.0!

$49.95 322 pages.

420+ iNovaFX Actions customized to the
DSC-F707 / 717 / V1 / 828.

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The Sony eBook Version 1 had information on BOTH the DSC-F707 and DSC-F717.
Version 2 now includes the V1 and DSC-F828!

The Sony eBook has all the cool items in it that you have come to expect from iNova's eBooks:

  • Solid, immediately useful information
  • Help with operational and photographic issues
  • Interactivity within the text and Internet
  • Interactive rollover, click and movie examples
  • Searchability for words and ideas
  • Super-Resolution images for close inspection (up to 400% enlargement)
  • An abundance of InfoBites™
  • Appendix full of Interactive Internet Links
  • iNovaFX Photoshop Actions galore (350+)
  • Demo and utility software for instant use
  • A challenging 22-exercise photography course
  • Plus complete compatibility with the DSC-F707/717, V1 and DSC-F828 Cyber-shot cameras
  • ...and the inevitable "Whole Lot More"

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Acquisition of the eBook is by license to its first recipient who is granted unfettered access to all files included with it including the option to upgrade to subsequent versions as they appear at reduced prices. Duplication and resale of the eBook is prohibited. To upgrade, one must be in posession of the original disk and all subsequent upgrade disks. When the eBook leaves the original owner's possession, all rights and privileges granted by this license evaporate for both the first owner and recipient.

Some of the iNovaFX Photoshop Actions in action:
(New Actions customized to the V1 and 828 cameras, as well.)

iCrosstar30 (At last, a cross star filter you can tune--even colorize--to your heart's content.)

iAngledStrokesPainting (detail)

iMulti16H. (Actual image is 5-megapixels and easily prints to 11 x 14 with pixel-perfect images.)


iStamp (one of three versions)

iShadowLift707 Before\After (Photoshop CS now includes this idea. Adobe has numerous copies of the eBooks.)

iAirealLow Before\After

iPolarizeSky (one of many in a series)

iCanvasPainting2 (detail)

More here.


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