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Missing in Actions

Hey! Where are all the iCCFluoro... Actions?

Good Question. They've somehow gone missing.

Never fear, they're HERE.

That opens up a folder with the iCCFluoro.atn file in it. That's the action file and inside are the goodies. Use your browser to copy the file to your desktop. Nothing could be simpler.

Then drop that file on top of your Photoshop icon, or copy it to your desktop and click on it when Photoshop is not open and it should magically appear on the Actions list, next time you open it.

If that doesn't work, open Photoshop and use the Actions Palette > Load Actions menu to bring it into your Actions list. This page may help if you've never done that before.

These actions correct the most common form of fluorescent bulb white balance mistake. If you shoot inside under Cool White fluorescent bulbs--the ones that line the ceiling of most of the USA's offices--and forget to use Auto White Balance, you probably have the camera set to either Daylight or Incandescent. Shots made with the Incandescent setting will look too blue and the ones made with Daylight selected will look rather tan.

Use the iCCFluoroShotIncan Action to fix the ones made with Incandescent selected.

Use the iCCFluoroShotDaylight Action to fix the ones made with Daylight selected.

If neither of these gives satisfactory results, go back to the original and use the Photoshop > Image > Curves control (Command or Alt -M) to set up the fast WB correction idea. Here's a page on that.

Sorry about the mix-up. But at least the fix was easy.

If you don't own the Sony eBook, this might be a way to test what the iNovaFX actions do inside your copy of Photoshop 6 or 7.

The eBook includes over 300 iNovaFX actions and the iCC series has ones that fix the more radical, "I shot outdoors with the camera set to Incandescent!" ooopsie.

That's a killer. Everything looks so blue you would think you could NEVER fix the shot.

But you can with the iCCDaylightShotIncan iNovaFX Action which is tweaked to the needs of your DSC-F707/717.