Be Careful What You Wish For
It Might Just Get You

In the Beginning, all I wanted was my MTV. But, typically for a primate, as soon as I got my MTV, I started looking around for the next thing to want.

Say, am I the only one who thinks of MTV as "Empty V(ideo)?" But that's not why we are here.

That lil' iPod Nanonanonano (third generation) is not only the sweetest thing you can put in a vest pocket, it's available in colors!

Two of which should be sent back to Cupertino.

The silver and black are what designers call "Of Course" options, and Product Red™'s deep red variation is a complete stand-out, reveling in its chroma. But that blue and green thing have GOT to go.

I don't care how IN or HYP these colors are predicted to be, they just look dippy. I want other colors.

Here are some options the iPodColor Department either ignored or were too HIH'P to believe would appeal to living humans:

All of these colors, except the one in the lower left, will look better when tossed down the boardroom table, inspected at dinner, handed to a jury, produced through slight of hand by a magician, won as a prize, passed around by CSIs, included as part of an advertising media presentation package, opened as a gift, found on the sidewalk, extracted from a wallet, viewed on a billboard, mounted in a car, taken on an airplane, held high in victory, studied during times of low involvement, stuck to a refrigerator door with a magnet, clipped to a jogging sleeve or when being compared to a Zune, than the weak cyan and chlorophyll versions available today.

Thank Jobs it's a fixable idea. iPodColor Department, wake up.

The one in the lower left is for Ladies Who Lunch and are 70+.