Now one of those things is FREE!

Until 1.1.10

NOTE: This offer has expired. You may obtain this Action and many more by purchasing the HDSLR eBook.

Our HDSLR: The Billion Things You Need to Know to Make Your Camera Shoot Movies has a lot under its cover.

You get all the secrets that will help you get better movies, better edits and better shots, but you also get a selection of special original iNovaFX Actions for Photoshop Extended.

And what is Photoshop Extended?

It's the version of Photoshop that includes features for manipulating MOVIES!! Shorthand: PSx. A demo download is available from Adobe.

A lot of Photoshop users have this version without knowing it.

People who wanted to make ads for the Internet almost always acquired it as part of the bundle of programs for pros doing film and video and multimedia or artists doing 3D and motion work. Everybody who bought the Design Premium, Web Premium, Production Premium or Master Collection suites from Adobe has PSx, too.

In true Photoshop tradition, PSx does Actions. And we have a selection of them with the eBook, ready to add Grad filter effects, Blur effects and Exposure repairs for flicker and exposure bounce.

Now we are adding Cross Star effects with the iVidStar Actions, borrowed from our work with Photoshop Actions made for still cameras.

If we can do it for still images (right), why not movies?

Here are samples showing the effect, then a brief clip without the effect.

How do you use it?

  • Load it into your Actions panel in PSx.
  • Close out any extra programs open on your computer. iVidStar is a memory hog.
  • Open the movie file you wish to process. This version is scaled to work best with 720p files of any fps.
  • Run the file called iVidStar75Run5sec. It immediately runs the first five seconds of your movie file. Actually it can take more than two minutes for your computer to process each second of movie material. So five seconds will take about 10 minutes. Have some egg nog.
    (Note: iVidStar75 is shorthand for a cross star effect at a 75 degree angle. More, at different angles, will become available to eBook owners over time.)
  • If you need more processing, re-run the iVidStar75Run5sec again. And again.
  • Then save it with the File > Export > Render Video option.

Download the iVidStar.atn file HERE.

Here's a sample demonstrating the effect with one second ON, one second OFF. This one is reduced from applying the effect to a full 1080p30 original, then shrinking that to this 640-pixel wide clip. Double click on it to start it up.

On any QuickTime movie embedded in a Web page, you can freeze it with a mouse click on the image.

HDSLR: The Billion Things You Need to Know to Make Your Camera Shoot Movies
Interactive eBook on DVD with over 120 HD movies embedded in the pages

Here is the HDSLR volume for the rest of us.

Drawing on a lifelong career that has included still photography, cinematography in 35mm, exotic HD videography, patents in advanced forms of video media display and a shelf full of a dozen eBooks about digital photography, author Peter iNova has turned his focus on the book that takes you into the whole new universe of HDSLR cinephotography.

HDSLR is the name of the book this time, and it's not about just one camera, it's about them all. It includes chapters on the tech and principles plus chapters that would make no sense at all to still photographers.

Sure, that HDSLR is a great DSLR, but the H stands for HD files, and the camera behaves nothing like a simple HD camcorder. How you approach the camera--and shooting moving images with it--is very different from still photography. Here readers discover the five things every moving image shot MUST HAVE. And only 4.5 of them are things you can recover from by using the techniques found in the eBook.

Readers also discover:

  • How to think in story terms as you shoot.
  • How to find the shot that begins the story.
  • How to find the shot that caps the story.
  • How to implement the 18 types of shot (and three optionals) to make the middle of the story.
  • How to perform exotic re-stablization repairs to HD scenes for under $100.
  • How to perform exotic format-changing adjustments to scenes larger than HD for less than $50.
  • How to perform everything you would ever see in a major motion picture for less than $1000.
  • How to shoot at f/1.4 using 1/30 sec shutter speed in noon daylight at ISO 200.
  • How to shoot images that are rock solid.
  • How to shoot ultra smooth, ultra slow motion, even though your camera only delivers 30 fps.
  • What the accessory gear is that you should be considering.
  • What the accessory gear is that you absolutely must have.
  • What's a cinephotographer.

And many more...

Included inside the DVD are special iNovaFX Photoshop Actions for the Photoshop Extended program (PSX). This version of Photoshop costs more, and is the only one that works with movie files. Actions are included that repair files with flicker, add custom grad filters to your scenic shots and control the zone of focus on screen.