Sony Zone


The Sony F707/717 is InfoBite Territory. There's a lot under the hood.

Here are three from the Monitor File:

Set the EVF (inner viewfinder) brightness to High. You use it mostly outdoors where your eye is adapted to bright conditions.

Watch the nose. When you shoot vertical images with your right eye and monitor under the viewfinder, you get nose prints. Consider shooting with the monitor up above your eye or with your left eye (neither are as handy for most people).

Don't clean the monitor surface with paper tissues, paper towels or dusty cloth. The coating is sensitive, cellulose fibers and dust are abrasive, and they will eventually wear off the anti-reflective material. Get thee to a LensPen. And don't ever touch its brush with your fingers.

...and that's just for the monitors...

What's an InfoBite? A factoid you should know but the manual either didn't have it or didn't emphasize it at the level of its true value.

Most often they pertain to operation of the camera in pursuit of specific kinds of images, like this thread:

When shooting a moving subject, pan with them to keep them in the same place in the frame, and when you release the shutter, keep panning. Action images can be more dramatic if the subject shows the blur-streaks of motion. By panning, much of that motion is transferred to the background.

And don't be afraid of 1/60, 1/30, even 1/15 sec exposures.

And shoot lots of frames. The ones that don't work teach you things. The ones that do work can be delicious.


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