Private! No peeking!


Dear Diary,

Dad rat the ding busted blankety heck, anyhow. I read that in an old comic book back at Berkely in the fifties. I never needed to say it until now.

How the heck did this happen? We tried so hard to do everything just right. Then blammo, suddenly my Hanes are twisted up and my tummy isn't feeling too well.

It's that noise thing. What's with THAT?

Oooo. Gotta run...

Later, sony. the one and ony.


Dear Diary,

The 828. That got him.

We read his fine print and when he said we should not let the 717 become the end of the swivel cam line, I took the page to our engineers. They agreed. The black body was a natural and the bigger zoom with its wider 28 mm equivalent setting should get him right between the eyes! What he didn't know about last year was the plan for the 8 and 11 megapixel chips. Oops. Hope nobody catches the eleven thing.

Sleep is good these days. It's always a comfort to know the future of our little project is secure in its evolution.

I guess the guy is going to have to revise his eBook thing. Ha. My work is relaxing and his is just starting. I'll bet he has a revised version out before Christmas.

Oh, look at the time.

Later, sony. the one and ony.


Dear Diary,

What a bunch of summer. Everywhere I look, all kinds of people are shooting pictures with that big silver camera. Nice to see it so popular.

That guy in California did a good thing. He came out with a whole book about my baby. Just at the last minute he got his hands on the baby's brother and his book thing--I'm not sure what this means, but somehow he spells "book" with an "e" in it (can you do that?)-- anyhow, his book let all the secrets out of the bagies.

I got a preview copy and there went the week! All those Photoshop macros he made for my baby. How do those California kids say it? Kewul? Bitchering? Something like that.

I've been hunting around on my hard drive looking for older night time pictures to run throught that nifty iCrosstar filter series. Just like a big honking glass cross star filter, only it happens inside the computer. Bitchering indeed.

Oops. 2 AM. Time to be packing it inward. Later, dudettes. (My slang class has been fun, too.) sony. the one and ony.


Dear Diary,

I'm feeling pretty good these days, what with the worldwide acceptance of the 707. Sometimes I think I just worry too much.

That sepia thing--turns out to be not a problem after all. Some guy in California realized that the Green channel of the image was an ideal B&W image. He even wrote a Photoshop Action for resolving the sepia image into a true B&W shot right in the computer.

Too bad it doesn't just work in our own computers--the guy made it for all of them!

Maybe the next big camera will include different "types" of film the way our HD cameras do over in the High Definition Video Department.

Now we are working extra hard on the left side of things. Soon everything will be completely perfect. sony. the one and ony.


Dear Diary,

I am soooo sorry about not bringing out a 'perfect' camera. Believe me, if I didn't have to pay attention to profits, time, my Enron stock and technological advances, I would have delivered el Perfecto 707.

The lack of Saturation controls, Contrast controls, B&W and daylight infrared shooting... These are things that keep me up at night, to be sure.

Yeah, we got that Sepia thing the video guys insisted was going to be a big hit, and there is always Photoshop...

But I've been taking some nasty digs from loyal customers who want perfect screen and print images right out of the camera. As if.

And I swear, this is going to be the last camera with a stupid "Posterize" trick inside. Geez.

All I can say is this: We are working on it. We have some ideas even N**** missed.

Those guys are very clever, but they don't seem to get it that a digital camera needs the speed and controls usually found on video cameras. Ha! They never designed a video camera, and it shows.

Oh, well, it's getting late. Time to turn in and dream about tomorrow. sony. the one and ony.


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