It's SO N.Y.

New York2

From the Biggest Apple, a list of things that are SO N.Y.

1. The New Yorker
The smartest "city" magazine out there.

2. Central Park
Where you can't park much.

3. Empire State-ness
At least that's what's on the sign.

4. The even bigger dig
A watering hole that begs the question: Boston, w'sup?

5. Donald Trump
AKA Trump, no bid. Self-Trumpet, etc.

6. Bloomberg
An iceburg with flowers?

7. Hudson
Neither Kate, Bay Company nor Hawk.

8. Wall Street
At last we can see the wall at the end of the tunnel.

9. Broadway
Or, as current city planners call it, Moderately Wide Way.

10. Kong
Climber of #3 item and hero of #5.

11. Godzilla
Or would that be its sister city?

Things that are not very N.Y. at all:

1. LA
Not where Katrina dumped, farther west.

Angelino's view of New York Inspired by Saul Steinberg

2. Cowboys
Unless in Times Square at 11:57 PM.

3. Southern Drawls
Which are pronounced up here without the bogus "l".

4. Organized Crime
I could be wrong about this...

5. Madison Round Gardens
I admit to being conflicted.

6. Luaus
A complete lack of poi is to blame.

7. Tsunamis
Only appearing in a movie from #1.

8. Mild Winters
And cool summers.

9. British Cabbies
Or anything even vaguely resembling Judd Hirsch.

10. High Speed Chases
Unless on foot.