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The eBook for dSLR Digital Rebel EOS 300D enthusiasts. As digital single lens reflex cameras punched below the $1000 price point, a huge number of people left their SLRs behind and will pick up the digital SLRs for the first time.

About 3,000,000 folks around the world grabbed a Digital Rebel and there's a lot more camera under the hood than they might have suspected. Images from the Digital Rebel compete toe to toe with the best and here's the eBook that makes the most of the 300D.

Its an interactive photography book in eBook form that gives you the tools and tips to make the jump to the 300D a triumph instead of a head scratch.

From basic principles to the nitty gritty on image chips, DSLR: Canon Digital Rebel is filled with techniques, secret lore, amazing factoids and more that give you the edge as you enter the world of digital photography through your own lens.

The goal, as always in these eBooks, was to reveal so much about your camera that its value in your hands increased dramatically. We found out hidden (undiscovered) techniques that are tremendously useful and very easy to implement.

Here's are some examples, right out of the flash department deep in Chapter 4:

Everybody KNOWS that the DR puts out a two-part flash. The first blast paints the subject and observes the returning illumination.

Now the camera's exposure computer can analyze the image and make a very good decision for the coming exposure. So it thinks about what it has just seen for a microsecond or six (an eternity in computer time) and forms a plan. It emails a brief note up to the flash exposure controller, then sets about throwing instructions to various mechanical and logical departments.

Less than 1/10th of a second later, the camera opens the shutter and pops the flash for real, having limited its output based on the exposure computation from the first flash.

Fine, but what happens when you want to use a Slave Flash unit with this camera? Usually the first test flash triggers the Slave Unit and nothing shows up in the exposure. Dang! How do you get around THAT?!

See Page 4-66 for the techniques needed to use the camera flash with low-cost Slave Units that give you studio results without the expensive lighting equipment.

Learn how you can put together a three-flash setup plus wireless remote triggering for under $60. This is not a misprint.

The two flash shot at right used --literally-- $36 worth of Slave Units, one free color gel and a $0.50 wireless flash trigger that kept the camera flash out of the picture so the red filtered Slave Unit on the floor below the camera could do its job.

See Page 4-67 for the technique of controlling the camera flash output brighter or darker without having to install a warrantee-voiding firmware operating system. It's so simple and easy to implement that you may hurt yourself when you slap your head in amazement.

Overheard: "That's IT??? That's so easy / convenient / simple / effective -- how come it isn't in the manual??"

Because this eBook is a whole lot more than the manual.

Chapters reveal:

Historical perspectives. The march of technologies that brought us to today's dSLRs. Where does the Digital Rebel fit in the grand scheme of things?

  • Basic dSLR tech. Photographic and digital concepts that expand your experience base as you shoot. Know where the boundaries and opportunities lie for your images. Explore the myths and superstitions of photography and find the pathways that connect your eye to your image.
  • Photoshop made easy. The now-famous seven-step course that turns the mystery of image editing into the mastery of image editing. Plus an added section on the more advanced techniques of layer manipulations by Uwe Steinmueller.
  • Camera operations, A-Z. Detailed exploration of every button, every menu item and every implication these make to your photography. It's WAY more information than an instruction manual. InfoBites are all over the place.
  • How Do I... A large chapter of problem solving and experience acquisition that answers the top 40+ questions photographers ask.
  • A 22-page Digital Photography Assignment Course with lessons designed to raise your digital photographic awareness, skills and experiences. Train that voice in the back of your head to spot the better image, the better point of view, the better moment, the better framing and the better composition. And know why they're better every time you go out and do one of the lessons!
  • Print making in the digital darkroom. Techniques and opportunities to get more out of your computer and printer. Find out how your Digital Rebel can jump right to the print with the right Canon printer! And are those Canon printers as good as folks say, or what?
  • Special effects. Techniques to improve, repair and modify your images. Step by step instructions that give you deeper insights into the universe of digital manipulation. You have 87.6% of everything you need for major special effects in the box that contained the camera and included software. All you need is the 12.4% know-how to go to the next level.
  • FAQs. Techniques you can apply immediately for low cost. Lighting, shooting, storing, distributing and managing your growing collection of digital images.
  • Software goodies. Photoshop Actions and Photoshop Elements Techniques that assist you in achieving the maximum range of benefit from your images as you edit them in these programs. Over 450 useful software modules (Actions for PS 6/7/CS) that bring hundreds of hours of fun and creativity to your digital darkroom.
  • And this eBook is the first to reveal over 60 special iNovaFX techniques you can apply to your images in Photoshop Elements.
  • A whole second volume called RAW Materials by Uwe Steinmueller --Dean of RAW Image Handling and author of several eBooks on the subject.

As always, the eBook comes with a toolbox filled to the brim with iNovaFX Photoshop Actions that work with Big Photoshop (6/7/CS) automating fixes, enhancements, artistic conversions, utilities and more with just a few mouse clicks. All of them are completely original and available nowhere else.

In DSLR: Digital Rebel comes a new idea: iNovaFX Photoshop ELEMENTS techniques you can use with the software that came in the box with the camera.

Here are 20 pages of very cool things you can do in just a few steps to repair, enhance and artistically alter your images. Page 11-13 at right. What you miss here is that in the eBook these images are interactive. Roll your mouse over them and see the original in a direct, interactive A/B comparison.

Can't read the settings on the pictures here? The eBook reveals them unambiguously up to 400% blow up. You can fill your computer screen with any one of these shots and still not be looking at enlarged pixels.


Virtually all of the information included in this eBook applies to the new Canon 350D Rebel XT camera, too. But that eBook hasn't come out yet. It's in the works right this second and we are going to bring it out next.

Of course the 350D has a few new features and its iNovaFX Photoshop Actions will be customized to the 350D frame size and image parameters, but why wait?

Everyone who buys this version can upgrade to the 350D eBook when it comes out --for half price!

You will need to trade in your original CD to do it when the DSLR: Canon Digital Rebel XT eBook comes out this summer. Hang onto your CD: It's your trade-in coupon!

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For your Canon Digital Rebel- DSLR: Canon Digital Rebel EOS 300D eBook is already on the shelf. DSLR: Canon Digital Rebel XT is next. Then DSLR: Canon 20D follows. These are great cameras with a great deal inside them, so we put a great deal of information into their eBooks. You'll find things here that nobody else ever told you about and not even Canon knew or could discuss.

The other iNova eBooks, for Nikon DSLRs have become the most popular premium eBooks of all time. Mastering Nikon Compact Digital Cameras and The SONY Advanced Cyber-shot eBook are no longer available. Click on the image for the appropriate order page.

--Peter iNova (peter.inova@mac.com)

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