Micro tweaks to make life easier...

I'm reminded that in front of every silver lining there is a cloud. Fortunately for DSLR Canon Digital Rebel readers that cloud is a mere puff of moist air.

Here are all known errors of comission or omission in DSLR: Canon Digital Rebel EOS 300D eBook. Some of them are actually pretty funny. None of them are fatal but some are Missing in Action.

1. iBCDR.atn iNovaFX Actions have a line item at the top of the action steps which scales small and medium images up to full size before correcting their barrel distortion. Alas, that step should have scaled the image with "Constrain Proportions" checked, but it was not.

The Action works just fine with full size images, so your work-around is simple: Use it with full size images only. Or scale them up to full size before starting to correct barrel distortion.

Only a few disks escaped with this slightly troublesome line of code, so your copy of the Action folder may not even have the problem.

2. All of the iNovaFX Actions are written with a suffix ".atn" as part of their name. This is done for Windows versions of Photoshop and Macintosh versions of Photoshop see this as merely part of the name. As these Actions load into Windows, the ".atn" is stripped OFF the name of the Action that appears in the Actions Palette. Oh, thank you Mr. Gates! Macs ignore these four characters and just load the folder, suffix and all.

A very few iNovaFX Actions require that you put the ".atn" back on the end of the Action's name because they run other Actions that reside within the same folder and when they do, they use the folder's name as part of where they search. And what do you know; computers can't tell what the folder's name is unless they see all the letters.

You can do this easily in List mode (not Button mode) by clicking on the name of the Action and adding it right smack at the end of the Action's name without any extra intervening spaces.

The only ones we know of that need to have the suffix are:

  • iDotsFXDR.atn
  • iMulti16DR.atn
  • iB&WPrintTints.atn
  • iCrosstar.atn
  • iCRV-XRedEyeDR.atn
  • iHalcyon.atn
  • iLiners.atn
  • iOptiFocusBlurDR.atn
  • iRustica.atn

The names should end up looking exactly like the ones here.

All the ones in black above only need this fix if you are running their optional "Carnet" version, which runs a number of variations, leaving a snapshot of each in the History Palette for you to pick.

3. Note also that the iFilmBordersDR.atn series comes in several variations. You may have to try several before finding one that works correctly on your version of Photoshop. In general the iFilmBordersDR.atn file works fine on Macs and the iFilmBordersDRV7.atn works best on Windows version of Photoshop 7.

3a. Bwaa haa haa! More of a joke on me, really, it turns out that I didn't change one of the messages in the iFilmBorde35+ Actions.

It tells you that a line of type will be written on the film margin identifying the shot as having come from a "Coolpix" camera.

No it doesn't! The type that appears on the image is correct and says "Canon EOS 300D Digital Image" the way it should.

If you have a disk that shows this errant message box, consider it a collector's item. In fifty years it will fetch more at auction.

4. The iSO2Taste action went missing. In fact the folder that contained it is missing and some of those other Actions might be useful to you. Drop me a note and I'll send you the iSORecover.atn folder.

5. Just to complicate things, Adobe--makers of Photoshop upon which all Actions run--has changed the rules with Photoshop CS2. This new version (AKA Photoshop 9.0) on all platforms strips off the ".atn" suffix, now making Windows and Mac platforms behave the same way with "Xyz.atn" files.

That's good overall, but once you load Actions that were written with the ".atn" showing in the folder's name, these will not work correctly in CS2. The fix, as outlined in item #2 above, is to use List View in the Actions Palette to add ".atn" to the name of the folders that need them.

So the generalized fix is that if a group of Actions fails to work as advertized, try adding the .atn suffix to the folder's name as a first attempted remedy. If that doesn't work, get in touch with me. I'm real curious to hear your experiences with them and fix every bug that may pop up.

Error Policy

When we find any errors or confusions like these, we fix the master CD right away and make sure that new ones are up to date.

If you are completely confused by errors in any Actions, drop me a note and include the serial number (printed in black on the innermost clear area of the physical CD) and I can send you updated Actions by return eMail.

If you ordered over the Internet, I've got a copy so tell me the date and five-digit order number.

If you can't see the serial number on the CD, lay it down on a piece of white paper. That makes the tiny black numbers stand out.

--Peter iNova (

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